Thursday, August 16, 2012

Technique Series #3- Mono Printing!

Today we’re talking Mono Printing. Mono Printing is similar to letterpress except you use a die cut as opposed to an embossed image to take your impression from.

This is one of those projects where I should have warned you ahead of time. A good thing to have on hand if you’re playing with ink or paints is a piece of Plexiglass. You might even want a couple of different sizes. The one I used for this was 6.5”x7”. You can get them at most any hardware or lumberyard and they aren’t expensive. I have another one about 4”x6” and paid less than $5 for the two of them. Keep in mind the size of card front you work with most and go at least an inch bigger.

Aside from a piece of Plexiglass you’ll need:

2 colors of acrylic paint
A mister bottle
A brayer
Card stock (cut the piece a bit larger than what you plan to use it for.
Baby wipes or paper towels

Think what you want your background color to be vs. the image. I chose SU Almost Amethyst for my ‘sky’ background. Put a good-sized dollop or straight line or paint horizontal across the glass. Brayer it out to cover the glass then mist lightly with water.

Lay your die cut shape on a sheet of paper or craft mat. Craft paper, reused printer copies or butcher papers make great work surfaces for this.
Brayer your alternate color (I used green) and brayer the die cut shapes. Then mist lightly with water. Be careful not to ‘saturate’ the paint as the paint will run and you’ll lose the details of your image. You want just enough to thin it out a bit.

Turn your diecut, paint side down, onto the Plexiglass. Mist the entire area again with water. Then place a sheet of cardstock on top of the glass and gently rub your hand over it to transfer the image. Don’t ‘push’ as this might make your die cut slide.

Carefully lift the cardstock off the Plexiglass and set aside to dry completely. If it wants to curl let it dry completely then you can press it between a couple of books overnight or with a warm iron. (Yep I own two – one just for crafts LOL)

Vicki stresses this one might take a little practice until you get a feel for the paint to water ratio and the pressure of you hand. But the after effects can be beautiful.

This tree card looks a bit childish but my granddaughter will love it. One more Christmas card done! I used the Sizzix mini-ornaments for the bulbs/ lights/ star, adding gold and silver paint pen for adornment and a glitter pen for the light chord. The stamp is from SU – Holiday Best stamped in SU Marina Mist.

Remember to check out Vicki's blog  for great inspiration and pick up her book so you'll have full instructions and bonus tips for all 40 background techniques!

There isn't going to be a scrapbooking post tomorrow. I'm in St Louis at a stamp convention/ writers retreat. I'll see you all on Monday!

Creative Blessings


  1. Fabulous technique. Never heard of it or tried it, but hope to one of these days.

    1. Thanks Maggie. I had but never tried it until I started playing with mixed -media art. Now I'm playing with lots of different things hehe.

  2. What a cool technique Kelly! I'm going to have to try this out on a journaling page this afternoon. You rock! :)

    1. So do you, sweetie! :-) Solid images are important and just working with the water/ pressure ratios. I did this while my MIL was watching and not in my studio or it might have come out less 'child-like' But Adrian will love it :-)

  3. Great technique Kelly! I may have to give it a try. I really like how the card turned out. I like how you used the Sizzix for the ornaments. Have fun this weekend!

  4. Turned out really well. I am learning so many new techniques just following your blog. I'll have to try it sometime soon. your instructions make it look easy. have a good week