Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Week 2 in the ScrapRack Get Organized Challenge we worked on Embellishments. I do not store most of my embellishments in the scraprack. My fingers and those little 2.5 x 1.5 jewelry bags do not get along. I keep mine in the drawer of my stamping center. What I do plan to do is put a representation of each embellishment on my Color Family 12x12 in the Rainbow section so when I'm looking at colors I will know at a glance if I have the color I'm looking for before I go to the drawer.

However, since most of my Christmas embellishments are bulkier than a small brad/ eyelet style and I don't have room to store them in the drawers anyway I decided to go the bag route and store them in the Christmas section of the scraprack. Prior to this they were stored in one of those 3-drawer sterilite rolling carts.

I still have those little boxes of smaller embellishments to file but here is how the SR pages are shaping up...

I still have the other holidays to do but I'm running out of pages and I have to spend some time on business for awhile so I'm kind of on a hold for a week at least.

Finally, yesterday I showed you my punch storage. This next picture kind of goes with punches but also would work with scraps.  Whenever I punch something, I keep the negative. This gives me a free stencil to use in my art journals. Even if I only get one or two uses out of them, that's more than just tossing them initially. 

I hope to finish embellishments soon. 
Creative Blessings!

Monday, November 9, 2015


I'm pretty sure Bob will frown at me for posting this picture. But I am so proud of him. He spoils me rotten. Anything I say I need, he finds a way to make it happen. While I do not recall him promising the moon, he does try. 

In this picture, he is designing my punch storage. I had the idea to use this untapped 6' length on the back side of the work island. Hard to believe we built this almost 30 years ago and we never put any kind of finish on the back or ends.

A little wall board, some leftover trim from the room construction and we have a start.

Before I show you the next picture, let me say I do not have as many punches as some of you. Though I am building a stash for specific needs. 

With the exception of the 2 new We R Memory Keeper punches I just purchased, these are all of my paddle and Martha Steward punches. See.. I have room for more! 

We purchased this 3-rack shelf at menards in their closet organization department. The initial plan was to hang 2 of these on the long length of the work island but I forgot to account for that drop-down leaf. So We put one on the end cap to hold all of my SU punches as well as the ones that do not have a deep enough paddle to hang such as the EK Success ones you see in the 2nd basket. 
My challenge will come when I add more of the SU style punches. I might have to put all the minis from that bottom shelf in a bowl on my work table. But for now, everything is at my fingertips as, while I have that space in front of the window in the stamping area, I really prefer to stand when I work and the island is perfect to spread out and really get into a project. 

If you're wondering what happened to Week 2, I did begin sorting the embellishments and I'll show you those tomorrow. I'm spending this week trying to catch up on all of my blog posts. 

Creative Blessings!