Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Week 2 in the ScrapRack Get Organized Challenge we worked on Embellishments. I do not store most of my embellishments in the scraprack. My fingers and those little 2.5 x 1.5 jewelry bags do not get along. I keep mine in the drawer of my stamping center. What I do plan to do is put a representation of each embellishment on my Color Family 12x12 in the Rainbow section so when I'm looking at colors I will know at a glance if I have the color I'm looking for before I go to the drawer.

However, since most of my Christmas embellishments are bulkier than a small brad/ eyelet style and I don't have room to store them in the drawers anyway I decided to go the bag route and store them in the Christmas section of the scraprack. Prior to this they were stored in one of those 3-drawer sterilite rolling carts.

I still have those little boxes of smaller embellishments to file but here is how the SR pages are shaping up...

I still have the other holidays to do but I'm running out of pages and I have to spend some time on business for awhile so I'm kind of on a hold for a week at least.

Finally, yesterday I showed you my punch storage. This next picture kind of goes with punches but also would work with scraps.  Whenever I punch something, I keep the negative. This gives me a free stencil to use in my art journals. Even if I only get one or two uses out of them, that's more than just tossing them initially. 

I hope to finish embellishments soon. 
Creative Blessings!


  1. I save my leftover negatives from die cuts and punches, too. But sometimes they get missed up before I ca use them. I need to store them better. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  2. You are getting a lot accomplished!

  3. You are getting so creative with your organization. Love all that you are doing.

  4. Happy New Year Kelly! I am looking forward to you returning to the land of blogging :-) Thank you again for the beautiful card!