Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recycle Wednesday - Cardboard?

Yep, Cardboard.  So much of this stuff winds up in landfills every day, even with the number of recycle centers available nationwide. Some people either don't think, don't have time, or don't care. All three are sad excuses in my opinion. My (step) mom aka Grammy, taught me out to make useful things from stuff most people would throw away. At the time I thought it was fun. I didn't know it was out of necessity.

So when it came time to figure out the best way to store my fibers, I found big 'bobbin' cards from Cropper Hopper. Well, cool as they might be I did not have the money to package up my MASSIVE amount of yarn, ribbon, thread. You'll get an idea in a minute.

I also wanted to get a handle on it BEFORE we moved. Being pre-carded, it would be easier to pack for the move. One thing I had a lot of was cardboard. You don't want to use just any cardboard. It needs to be the corrugated boxes like grocery products are shipped in. You don't want it bending as you wrap. It's easy to 'wrap tight' without even trying on more flimsy cardboard.

Each board is about 3" x 5". The one on the right is notched for ribbon and the one on the left, for fiber's such as yarn and embroidery floss.  For the real wide wired Christmas ribbon I use the same card except I only use one notch on either of the long ends... ie only one ribbon per card.

Now.. why did I need an organizations system like this?

This is one of 3 15" x 15" drawers in my storage cabinet jam packed full of the cards and filed by color. The drawers do NOT include season-specific ribbons. For those I try to leave them on their spools in themed sterilite containers. However, Christmas ribbon has a tub all it's own - separate from the Christmas embellishments. 

Let's just say, I've saved A LOT of cardboard. :-D

Creative Blessings!


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    1. Thanks for stopping in, Nicole. You'll find I'm 'conservative' when it comes to my crafting.

  2. Well SHOOT! That is just awesome. I'm thinking you need to come to NH and take care of my ribbon.

    1. I've never been to NH. There are so many creative ways to store ribbon. This just works for me.