Monday, February 18, 2013


I've decided my first focus in Mixed Media is going to be to finish the Whispers of Me that I talked about last fall. I started the book about four years ago when I taught my first Altered Book class at Michaels in Peoria. I never finished the project. But I am making a trip to IL for a week in April and will be meeting up with some of the girls from the class. I'd love to take the completed book with me. I have a lot to do but if I focus (there's that word again), I think I can accomplish it.

I have a rolling cart full of the papers, embellishments, etc that I wanted to use in this project. Once the book is finished, I can integrate those items back into my regular paper art supplies rather than in a separate space.

I taught the group (5 ladies and 1 guy) it was okay to 'rescue' a book. To breathe new life into something otherwise forgotten. One of the techniques was to create what I call stair-step pockets on one page. Great for tucking theater programs, love notes, photographs.

This one was just a double-page spread focusing on flowers in the same color tones as I'm using throughout the book. I love vintage tones, ephemera.



  1. I love it! Being a bibliophile myself, this would be a great way to salvage otherwise doomed books and give them new appreciation. :) Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks sis. Wait til you see what I do next!