Monday, August 25, 2014

Mixed Media Monday -

Hi everyone!

Just popping in for a couple of minutes. I am at a hotel in Springfield MO while Bob has his truck at Midas. The brake line blew last night as we were pulling into the restaurant for dinner. Thankfully, we were very close to the hotel and could take the back road over.

So with nothing better to do last night than cruise youtube (something I seldom have the time to do) I found someone I'd like you to take a look at. I just love Sam's overall personality. Take the 4-part tour of her craft room, smile at the antics of her furry office assistant and then subscribe to her channel so you don't miss any of the mini book tutorials she has to offer.

Here's a sample...


  1. Great little video. It reminds me to use the charms I have (I saw one dangling from her book). (I always forget about them when making a card. LOL)

    1. Hey Brenda. I usually don't use charms on cards unless I think the receiver will keep the card or reuse the charm. I save them for keeper stuff/ sister swap items and scrapbook pages.

  2. Great idea. I hope to continue with my art journal that I started some time ago with my punches in it. Now I want to add my dies. I also have one for my unmounted stamps.

  3. Thanks for sharing that video. I made a toilet paper stub mini. I'll have to view some more of her videos