Monday, July 9, 2018

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - An Organized Space

Good morning, everyone!

While I hope to be playing with projects soon, I decided the mixed media area first needed a bit of clean up. I don't have before pictures. Didn't think about them. I just dove in. But I'll explain with the first picture.

This is a full shot of the mixed media corner. Left to right: paint storage, wrapping paper stool (with casters making it easy to move out of the corner) a 2-door cabinet that houses most of my texturing supplies, blank journals, geli plate, etc, main mixed media storage, art books.

Before I started I couldn't open a single drawer without moving something. Getting to the cabinet required LIFTING the stool up over something then reaching over to open the doors to get what I needed.  This is MUCH nicer, don't you think? LOL

So, spot by spot:

I apologize for the bit of glare. Very sunny day. :-D
The main part of the paint storage is an old stamp display shelf unit from Michaels years ago when I worked in Peoria, IL. We got to pick them up for $20 a piece. I was out of town at the time but a good friend/ co-worker put my name on one. She figured if I didn't want it, she could take it. I thought that very sweet of her. The filing cabinet below holds various types of applicators in the top drawer, while the bottom one is full of all kinds of receptacles and palette trays.

Next to the bookcase, this is probably my favorite part of the entire space. The bottom 8-drawer unit was picked up at an auction for $5. I think it's an early Ikea peace. The top drawer holds larger Tim Holtz items, Drawer 2- tissue paper, Drawer 3 - packaging paper (like they wrap the breakables in at Hobby Lobby), Drawer 4 - Chip board, Drawer 5 - Mat board, Drawer 6 - foam core, Drawer 7 - manilla folder type weight and Drawer 8 - card board.  If the drawer is full, I don't keep any new coming in. I use it or recycle it.

The 2 towers on the right hold all Tim Holtz embellishments by theme. The bottom cigar box on the bottom holds bands Bob saves for me and I've not decided what's going in the top one yet. I've had that blue cigar box since I was 12. 

Bob found that little black drawer unit on top at a flea market. It was originally from an auto parts store. There are 4 drawers. I'm using them to store small alphabet/ numbers/ symbol keys from laptops/ keyboards.

The 2 towers on the right hold misc. assemblage (similar to TH) from other companies like $ tower baskets at Michaels, etc. The alarm clock no longer works. I got it at a garage sale for $1. I figured when the mechanism stopped working then I could do a scene in the inside ala Tim Holtz style.

Bob added these two shelves for me. The first one rests on top of the towers. I have TH books, fabrics, journals, papers. The jewelry box holds mostly keys/ locks. The top shelf is mostly TH. Though the white rolls on the far left are snake skins from our resident Black snake. One is over 8' long! I plan to bleach, die them in mixed media. 

Finally, my art journal/ art book shelving unit. A bit of glare form the sun. The window to the right out of the picture is 48"w X 36" h. lets in tons of light over my altar.

Top shelf - class yearbooks, weight loss I keep for reference, Tony Robbins complete motivation set, smaller journals

Second Shelf - handmade journals from past years, journal prompt books. The picture in the front on the stand was given to my by my upline when I sold UnderCover Wear. 

Third Shelf - art books such as lettering, altered art, workshop type books,

Fourth Shelf - the blue binder on the far left is all of my OneStroke practice books, then a basket of art papers such as water color pads, graph papers, etc. The rest is Writing prompt kits such as the Writers Toolbox and 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Bottom Shelf - all art magazines I've kept for various reasons.

My goal is to keep all of this accessible so I can finally begin making art. I do have a large file box that will probably sit on the floor in front of the book case to house all of my magazine clippings. That project is still needing done. Also my 12x12 scrapbook binders that latch for holding mixed media pieces from packaging. I have 3 of those. They are easy to move as they all snap close and have handles, similar to a suitcase. 

Next project is to put my antique wardrobe back in order with Spiritual supplies then start on the office corner.

How do you keep your mixed media supplies in order? Do you bother? Are they mixed in with everything else you do in your studio? I'd love to know.
Creative Blessings!


  1. Wow! I love that eight drawer unit! $5.00! My mixed media is inone bookcase, as far as paints, and sprays. My oxides are on another shelf, and the papers in the closet storage, as well as the watercolors. Yep, it is all over the place! LOL. Everything looks lovely!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. You know me, if it isn't organized I can't create. Hugs!