Sunday, August 5, 2018


If you need me, I'll either be here or squired away in my room typing away madly to finish at least two projects. This picture was taken from the waterfall. At night, they pull down a screen and run a family friendly movie. And just beyond that big tree on the right is the enclosed gazebo where there's a hot tub just waiting for me after my long drive tomorrow, or longer days at the computer.

I've tried getting projects ready to run on the blog but between house stuff that needed done before I leave and the packing, there just hasn't been any creative time. Add to that the hot water tank went out today. I'll be traveling sans shower in the morning. So happy I'm not planning on doing much until I get to the hotel.

I won't be home until late Saturday evening, take Sunday off to catch up and spend time with Bob as by then he'll be in sight of getting called back to work. Time is precious.

By then I should have 2 of the major projects flowing and I can play again.  I really want to try Flow Painting. Bob even brought me one of his empty bottles the other day and said 'I thought you could use this'.  hehe 

He is so good to me. :-D

Be creative while I'm gone. I'll see you in a week.
Creative Blessings!

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