Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring has sprung...

in the Ozarks and with it, my lack of time on the computer. So much to do now that I can finally get outside. Many things have had to wait until my husband got home off the boat, but there were still lots of smaller tasks I could do. Of course, right now those smaller tasks take a little more time than normal with the 'assistance' of my granddaughter. I don't mind though. Watching her wonderment at things this spring as opposed to this time last year is amazing.

Last spring when my daughter and granddaughter first moved in with us, Adrian was just walking good and being able to walk around outside was all new to her. So many things to touch, smell, and yes even taste. (Pig Nut Hickory nuts are not tasty according to her reaction on those.) Last year I took several pictures of her sitting in the tulip bed, picking the petals off each and every one. I loved watching her discover them. This year, not a single tulip came up. I'm blaming the mole on this one. She did, however, get to enjoy the daffodils and the hyacinths. But her interests this year at 2.5 years old are all about the dogs, the dirt and the sandbox. She loves to put earthy treats in the dogs water buckets. I'm not sure they appreciate it but they are patient with her. We have three outside dogs. Trixie and Buddy are brother and sister of mixed breeds. Both have a lab vein but Trixie (totally deaf and blind in her left eye) has some Blue Heeler and Dalmatian where Buddy shows Rottweiler and Dalmatian. Although they tend to argue with each other, they are very gentle with Adrian. Buddy is her favorite. Then there is Bear. My big wooly Great Pyrenees. She calls him Boo. He follows her around as far as his lead will allow.

Yesterday we planted beets and carrots in an old galvanized wash tub. She loved shoveling in the dirt and later, helping me water the strawberries. Today will be a bit less 'muddy' as I begin the creative adventure of mapping out the yard. I love to draft plans for things. I did the ones for our house, right down to the outlet placement. (I did learn something in 9th grade Home Ec my step mom hadn't already taught me at home) Now it's time to put landscaping plans to paper. Where will all of my new flower beds go? How far out into the back yard will the new studio protrude? Where do I want to put the pond? How many more Strawberry beds can I add? Do I have room for grape vines? What shape will my Herb beds take? (I'll need one for healing, one for cooking and one for crafting)

And from all of these things will sprout endless opportunities to create.
How does your creative garden grow? Plant your seeds today and let the creative growth flourish!

Creative Blessings

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