Friday, April 8, 2011

And the Award Goes To...

Okay.. Awards may seem vain, and maybe they are. But if an award comes with comments that help define WHY the award was given, then it's a big help in determining our strengths and weaknesses. I like to know these things as they help me understand what a magazine editor might also be seeing in my work when I submit.

I received notice from Heather at SplitcoastStampers the bunny card front I'd made for the Easter Ronald McDonald House Swap was chosen as the Overall Nicest Card. Cool, huh? Remember, this is the card I designed during VSN last month with the layout representing the chambers of the heart.

Here’s a replay of the card and what Heather had to say:

Detail wise, the embossing folder background is really nice as it breaks up the pink space … . The images are cute and well proportioned, it has great use of negative space … they are just well laid out and not busy or crammed but at the same time do not look like they're missing anything. It's just a real nice clean look to it. When I look at it I see "elegant" rather than "kid card".

Please take time to check out Heather’s Gallery at Splitcoast. She does lovely work in a variety of mediums.

Creative Blessings

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  1. I so have to agree with what she said about your card. Congrats Miss Kelly!!! Hugs,