Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Teapot Tuesday Plus

Sorry I didn't get these posted yesterday. I just felt icky most of the day. Didn't do much of anythig except sit on the couch. Really getting tired of this every other day thing. LOL

If you don't 'get' what Teapot Tuesday is, you can check out this LINK on Splitcoast.

A couple of weeks ago, you saw the sympathy card I did for Katie Renz's family. You can see her story HERE, on the blog she journaled about her cancer journey. The most recent posts have been made by her husband, Kevin as he continues to work through his own grief just the way Katie would have had the fate been reversed.

Katie's twin boys turn 6 this week. We teapotters know this is going to be the beginning of many 'firsts' for this family so we wanted to make sure we helped them celebrate their birthday the way Katie would have.

Will and Nate are typical six-year-old boys. They love cars and trucks. We were asked to keep this theme in mind when creating matching cards for the boys. I went with a sketch challenge (SC39) from Splitcoast and used the same papers but did one in blue and one in red.

I hope these cards bring a smile and they understand how much we care about them.

It's also WOWW. Well, today as I planned to sit and work, I had extra help.

Spirit decided if he couldn't have the chair I planned to sit in, he'd just make himself comfy on the desk. He is such a pest and can be a real cry baby. But I adore him and will be lost without him in the very long-distant future. I trained him to be a sociable cat but there are days I ask myself 'what was I thinking?' LOL

Not sure I'll get in again before Sunday. Bob gets home tonight and we have company coming in on Friday. I must get this house presentable. Hopefully I'll have a picture of Adrian's birthday cake to post Sunday night. We leave for Nashville on Monday. Can't believe my grandtoddler is going to be 4!

Creative Blessings!

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  1. Your cards are so cute. The boys can't help but love them.

    Love that Spirit. I have one that always wants to "help" also.