Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TeaPot Tuesday

Yep, I'm a day late with this one. I was hoping to at least get it posted last night but I got caught up in working on my current novel-in-progress and didn't get back here.

I had a quick card in mind yesterday morning and it went together in about 20 minutes. But then I got this bright idea to cover it with glaze so that meant drying time - all day. ::: sigh ::: That said, I do like the way the card turned out. This is my first paper flower and I know I need to fine-tune my technique but they are uber ea
sy to do with an awesome vintage effect.

This week's Destination Station is fellow teapotter, Kathy. She recently lost her sister, Joanne, to cancer. We were asked to do a mosaic. Because Kathy's mother, aunt and two younger sisters all battle breast cancer I knew I needed to showcase the pink ribbon. You can read about Kathy and her sister Here.

I selected words like friend, remember, believe, soul, as well as a butterfly and a scroll border. I stamped them on Pretty in Pink, cut them out and arranged them mosaic-style to fill in the GP white ribbon. The flower is punched from pages of a book of poems about love and support. I dusted them with Pretty In Pink ink and added a Memories brad for bling. Gotta have bling!

I hope this card reminds Kathy she is not alone in this struggle and that she is loved.

Creative Blessings

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