Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On Holiday Hiatus... sort of.

How is everyone doing? Are you ready for Christmas? I'm done shopping. Now if I were just done decorating. I was talking to a blogger friend a few minutes ago and realized why I'm dragging my feet with this tree. I really don't like change. This is the first year for this tree in this house, new lights, new placement. I'm having to refigure everything and it's just sucking the creativity right out of me like an ornamental vampire.

Well, despite the fact I've been up since 4 a.m. (no clue why) and really want a nap, I'm determined the lights are going on this tree today. Thus, no card posting. If I break for one more thing, this tree will be a dark albatross in the middle of the dining room till time to pack it away.

Other than the tree and final decorations, I'm not planning on any other postings the last two weeks of this year. I want to get things in line so I can be ready to stay consistent with my postings beginning with the new year.

So bear with me.. there WILL be a tree AND a village by the end of this week if I do nothing else :-)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas Kelly, looking forward to following your blog in the new year!! Good luck with your decorating :)

  2. Here's to hoping you are happlily decorating for Christmas! No matter what....it will come with or without decorations and really, all that matters is that we are with our loved ones we hold most dear. :) Sounds like Hallmark, huh? LOL Hugs to you Kel!

  3. Yes a year of change... Though my tree is up, I know Wally did not do it... Though I have some of my beautiful pieces out I know he is not here to enjoy them with me... But I also know I have a family that I must smile for and not let down...they miss him too I am so blessed... I simply miss him and my daddy so much

    Christmas is in our Hearts ...Enjoy all you have :) love you