Monday, February 10, 2014

GET ORGANIZED - Week #3 - Embellishments!

This is the upcycled entertainment center I am always referring to. To help brighten up the 'dungeon' as hubby calls my basement studio, I covered the entire surface with white contact paper. The depth of the drawers were each designed for what I planned to store in them. The dimensions are approx. 15"x15" and slide in and out on shelf pegs. My Embellishment drawers are 3,4,5 down from the top on the left side. Each drawer looks like this on the inside:

Okay.. here is where this whole Get Organized and Scrap Rack thing and I class. In the Scap Rack, these items would store in 2x2 zip bags in THIS page configuration. The page is called the Embellishments Page. When I first met Tiffany and learned about the 4-Section System I was totally excited. How cool to store EVERYTHING in ONE PLACE. The only problem I had was I did not like having to get the small items like brads and eyelets out of the zip bags. So when I designed the layout for the cabinet, I decided to make little boxes from white card stock. I'm still grouping all of my embellishments in the RAINBOW section... just not in the ScrapRack. Here is a close-up of a COLOR section:

So if I'm looking for a PINK embellishment, I pull out this drawer and I can see EVERY pink embellishment I have to choose from. 

Take note: Although the little things in zippies drove me nuts, I am going to store the Calendar themed embellishments - witch hat brads, tree shaped buttons, etc - in the pockes of the SR under their category. Those items are bigger and easier to get a hold of. 

During Embellishments this week we also talked about FIBER. You've seen this pic before:

These store in the bottom 4 drawers ( currently have tools in the very bottom but need to relocate for Christmas) by RAINBOW. So I'll have drawers 9 & 10 on the right for RAINBOW, #11 for CALENDAR coordinated (Easter, Halloween, etc) and the bottom drawer for Christmas.

Lastly, we needed to organize Die Cuts, Punches, etc. The concept, keep a REFERENCE sheet in the Scraprack to coordinate with your theme but you can store the actual Cartridge, Punch, etc elsewhere with your supplies. HOWEVER - Spellbinder type dies can store directly in the SR if you choose. So how do you store a REFERENCE sheet?

The Cricut cartridges are great examples. For instance, I have the Home Improvement cartridge. I scanned the back of the box and put the picture in a pocket under my HOME IMPROVEMENTS Theme section:

For punches, I punched one of each shape and will store them in the Sweet Sixteen Pocket under SHAPES in Alpha/ Numeric. -  

I really went through my stickers. I had a bulging Cropper Hopper Sticker binder full of every sticker I've collected over the years. Not all of them related to scrapbooking. Some dated back to Encouragement stickers for my down-line when I sold Undercover Wear. Others related to the days of Homeschooling my daughter and 2 preschoolers. I'll keep a few for those pages, but a majority of this binder went in the box to the Kindess Club. 
Here's an example of what I kept:

When I get my SR pages, the alphabet will go in the Baking/ Cooking - NOT in Alpha/numeric like you might think. Why? Because this is NOT a plain alphabet. The letters are all made up of baking/ cooking components and were purchased to go with the other things in this pocket, like the mixer stickers. 

The KEY to filing ANYTHING in the ScrapRack is to put an item where I am most likely to look - as long as it is in the 4-Section System.  So when I go to work on either baking pages for Adrian's book or to scrap pictures from my days competing in county fair's, all of my paper and embellishments are in the Baking/ Cooking section of the SR. One-Stop Shopping!

My reward for this week is 2 Spinders for the Travel Tote I bought years ago. I used the tote for going to crops when I worked at Michaels but the tote did not come with spinders. Since I do not go to crops, I plan to use the tote as a HOLDING Album for each of the girls' books. I'll have one spinder for Abby and one for Adrian.

Next week is my biggest challenge - and where I've fallen off the wagon in the past - PHOTOS. I've promised myself a BIG reward for doing this one because I know it is my most time consuming/ hardest challenge but I am DETERMINED!


  1. I'm in awe Kelly! You're very organized & I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about having to pack all my thing away LOL!!! TFS & keep up the inspiration....I'm going to need it!!!

  2. I am totally envious of your organization! Love that up cycled entertainment center. I am looking forward to see how you organize your photos! :)

  3. I loved reading this post Kelly. For starters I am a huge organizer... you name it and I organize it. LOL So neat to read how this whole system works! I am learning things too :-)