Monday, March 3, 2014

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - The Documented Life

While looking at others blogs last week I came across an incredible piece of art. I can't show you a picture but if you click on Art to the 5th, you'll see what I mean. This is called The Documented Life Project.

This journal is the brainchild of Lorraine Bell. The book is actually 3 books in one.

A Dayplanner
An Art Journal

Lorraine and most of the other over 1200 members of this project use a softcover Moleskine Weekly Planner.   With the planner as a base, the concept is to have something to track your daily life, include art and make it YOUR OWN.

Well, you know me... I have to invent the wheel. Partly because I don't want to wait to start putting mine together - we are already into Week 10 of the challenges and additives. The other reason is I've discovered the one thing that works best for me as a dayplanner - well two things - a Monthly Planner from the Dollar Store and a Composition Book. I use the planner to keep track of Bob's schedule but my daily tasks are written on a page in the notebook. I'm thinking The Documented Life Project will let me combine these two items into one AND give me the opportunity to include some art in my day - something that has been lacking of late.

And if you're wondering how THIS planner is working out.....

It isn't. I've not even had it out of the bag since Week 2. I'm not sure why other than the composition notebook and I seem to connect. I'm a list maker and I think the preset planner took that away from me.
The Documented Life Project will allow me to still use my composition book, to make my lists but I hope to incorporate pieces of the disinherited planner.

I've been gathering supplies while I try to get the studio in order so I hope to show you the beginnings of my book in 2 weeks. There will NOT be a blog post next Monday as I'll have nothing to schedule and I will just be getting back from a road trip (unless weather turns, keeping me at home). We'll see.


  1. That is an interesting project Kelly and it gives me an idea for a writing project for my kiddos! TFS!!!!!

  2. That is so fabulous! I can't wait to see updates to your own journal/story.

  3. Thank you, ladies. A composition notebook has become my constant companion so I"m looking forward to just incorporating art into what I"m already using.

  4. impressive project you have mind. cant wait to see the results!

  5. I agree, this is an impressive project! I have been thinking about an art journal lately.