Monday, March 24, 2014

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Documented Life Project Progress

Happy Monday, everyone!
When this post greets you I will have just returned home from my first trip to Texas. So I'm scheduling this. If I can add a couple more pics between then and now I will. For now, not really exciting.

Really exciting pic, eh?

You are looking at one of the three composition books upside down. This is so I can get a better stroke with the brush. You can just see the other 2 in the background.

Okay - 3 Composition books = 1 per each quarter of the year. I've already been using one for the first quarter and nearly finished as a plain 'Daily To Do' journal process. I'll go back and make it blend with the other three quarters over the year - maybe. But I wanted to get these other journals prepped for the remainder of 2014.

In the first quarter journal I've written my 'daily tasks' on the right hand side of the page, then when I turned the page, anything extra like tracking numbers for packages, addresses of people I've mailed stuff to, etc were written on the back of that dated page. 1 piece of paper, 1 date, lots of activities.

In the remaining three quarters I needed to move things a bit to accommodate our weekly artistic challenge at The Documented Life. So I decided to set the pages up like a typical dayplanner 2-pg spread. My Daily Tasks will be on the left hand page and other items, as well as doodling will be on the facing page... incorporating the other items into the 'art work'. But I did not want to be limited to just ink/ gel pens for my doodling. What if I want to add bold color with a marker or some water color? Typical notebook paper pages would never hold up to that type of playing.

At first I had planned to cover that page with a sheet of watercolor paper. But then I realized doing that on every page would add MORE bulk than I'm already going to have with the tip-outs and art challenge pages. So I opted to put a coat of gesso on every right-hand page. I'm working all three journals at once for this process and it goes rather quickly. A coat of gesso only takes a couple hours to dry enough that I can slide a piece of waxtex between the pages and start the next one.

This process is still going to take a few days to complete all 3 journals - and I'm going to lose some prep time over the weekend while I'm on my trip. My plan is to just work through them as quick as I can so that I'll be able to start using the Documented Life Project planner with the beginning of April.

This morning, I got all of the calendar pages trimmed to fit inside the journal and washi-taped the seams. They are all ready to add into the journals. Next week I'll show you more progress and some added items I picked up at Office Depot.

Creative Blessings! 


  1. That Gesso sounds like a pretty neat product....I've never tried it but will look into it! TFS!!!

    1. I love working with Gesso.
      It's like KILZ for the canvas.