Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WOYWW #280 - Zombie Attack!

Okay... so this was not actually on my desk but this is the tub of zombie centerpiece supplies I've had since leaving Michaels Arts & Crafts almost eight years ago. Every year I pull out this tub with the intent of getting the centerpiece constructed.... and every year the tub goes back into storage due to lack of time.

This next photo is staged, but I wanted to try and get all the components in the shot of what is on my desk this week... a better (though not good) shot of the items I'll be using.

A zombie bride and groom, a tomb stone, battery operated candles and black roses. For lack of space I left the floral foam and Spanish moss in the tub at the moment. That little dish sits in a hammered wrought iron stand. I am determined to have this constructed by the end of the week and ready for the sofa table or dining room table. Halloween, or Samhain in my tradition, is upon me. 

So that's my desk. What's yours? Every Wednesday almost 100 of us gather at Miss Julia's Stamping Ground to pick up our map of other desks to visit. Come join us, won't you? Don't be shy. We've all seen the disasters - and shared them ::: cough cough :::

Creative Blessings!


  1. Haha I can relate to that. I have items/supplies which I've had a few years to - I take them out, look at them and then put them away. Have a wonderful week - Anita #WOYWW 49

  2. We don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands but I always love visiting blogs/desks this time of year and see all the stuff going on.. it's such a lovely and funny tradition! Happy crafting, happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #58

  3. Yep, sounds like me. 8 years! Been there, done that! LOL Good luck to you this year. Kelly, I am really late this week and am # 73. Happy WOYWW

  4. We don't celebrate halloween here (in Spain) but I must say it all looks a bit scary and spookey to me.... But of course that's the whole point!
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week,
    a hug and God bless,

  5. It's interesting that people know about Halloween but don't know what it's about or why it is celebrated yet it is a custom in many countries though it is carried out slightly differently.
    Hope you all enjoy it when it comes, Angela x 41

  6. Looks like a fun spooky time at your house. Hope you manage to finally use those things and get a fabulous centrepies.
    Have a great week,
    Von #25

  7. That sounds pretty spooky! :D

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #21

  8. Hope you have a spooky time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #35

  9. Waiting to see your center pieces finished! I don't , normally, do a lot for Halloween cause I don't have kids around here anymore and grandkids are elsewhere. But this year the Grimm reaper took hold of my MOJO and I have been having a lot of fun.

    Thanks for visiting my blog this week.
    Krisha #65

  10. Looks like a busy time there! Have a good week, Chris # 16

  11. A zombie centrepiece!! :) We don't celebrate Halloween here, (well some people do, but we don't), so that is a rather strange decorating idea :) but have fun anyway :)
    Thanks for visiting earlier, much appreciated.

  12. Ah but you see, it must be about the time being RIGHT for you, because I firmly believe that one somehow makes time to do stuff you wanna do. Or in my case,waste time I've got procrastinating! Also, however new or old, you have to be 'over' them before you can use them right? Just me then?!

  13. I hope you get it done this year. {wink} I haven't done Hallowe'en in a few years because of where we live (no little kids) and because our grandkids are far enough away that they don't get here for door to door. It is fun to see what others do though and to hear about the costume parties that people attend. Thanks for your visit to my spot. :)

  14. LOL! Great for this time of the year. Happy Halloween.

  15. You really must finish this project though I will confess I have a few that have been waiting to be finished since...errr...last century so I cannot judge you at all. However it is the Spooky Season!