Thursday, December 4, 2014


In case some of you thought I'd vanished beneath the construction rubble... I'm still here.

Two days after the construction began I got hit with a horrid sinus infection that lasted 6 weeks! I've never had vertigo or thought it was really a 'thing'. I am now a true believer. The cursor on the computer would make me nauseous. LOL I've spent less than 10 minutes a WEEK on line until yesterday.

I've also had to continually work out things on this new laptop. But at least now my head is up to the challenge and things should run more smooth.

I had planned to post pics of the build in progress but by the time I fed the crew lunch, I just wanted to go to bed... and did as soon as they were done for the day.

Those of you who've been with me for a while know I LOVE  to decorate for Christmas.This year my decor consists of a new 4' pre-lit Christmas tree and 2 gift bags to be decorated and used in place of stockings. With the construction and my being ill, the house is a disaster. At this point I just want to get business caught up before I lose my hard-earned contacts. Everything else will fall into place - or off the counter.

And to top off my holiday season... I am not making Christmas cards this year. I want to enjoy the process, not be stressed out trying to get them made and in the mail. My work space downstairs is buried under items I've either purchased or been working on as part of the new space organization.

But, as my husband said, 'next year - look out!' LOL Christmas in all it's colorful glory will return to our house and mailboxes nationwide.

My biggest thing I'm looking forward to is that in the new space I'll be able to display my Christmas Village on the big work island I've not unpacked my village with the exception of a few pieces a couple years ago, in over 8 years. And I can shut the cats out of the studio so they won't be playing Godzilla through the snowy set up. hehe


  1. Oh boy girlfriend, I guess I shouldn't ask when to expect the next book then....
    thinking of you, hope you feel better!

    1. hey sweetie! Yeah. been crazy. but things are in the planning. Hang on ;-)