Monday, December 29, 2014


We are in the final days of 2014. While this has been a creative year for me, I didn't accomplish much of any of the items on my GOALS list. You'll see the ones I did accomplish in GREEN and the ones I didn't in RED. At a glance, I don't feel as if I did anything this year that I wanted to do.

Let's start with the 52 Scarf sets for the Mitten Tree. I know I was thinking one per week. What I didn't take into account is tht I didn't have that many glove/ hat sets to crochet scarves for. I only had 25. And that's what I turned in on December 12th. (You'll see a post about that on Thursday).

I also submitted (and sold) 3 articles to Polymer Cafe magazine. They publish six times a year and I was in three of those. I'm starting out 2015 with a sale to them. I will have the Last Word column in the Jan/ Feb issue (on stands now) with a request to send her as many more articles as I can ASAP. So yeah... 2015 is off to a good start there.

The other areas I really need to work on. Some will be tricky until we can get the studio finished. Right now, I don't even have insulation let alone a floor and ceiling. I do have electricity. So there is progress. More on that progress in future posts. (Just need to resize pics,)

I've already started the Mitten Tree sets for 2015 and completed one. My goal is to do 50. I've also joined forces with the company my daughter works for to crochet hats/ scarves for the Veteran's Camp in Arlington WA. So I'm adding 24 sets there... bringing my crochet total to 74 sets! I'll need the ones for the Veteran's Camp by the first of November.

I still want to do the girls' albums but those will have to wait until I'm in the studio... probably sometime after June 1. The other albums will have to wait as well but all are going on my GOAL list.  I'm also adding the Documented Life Project to my list. I attempted this last year. I succeeded in discovering this is the perfect dayplanner for me! The artwork never even got attempted. So this year I'm starting 'with' the rest of the group and hope to keep up. If I can do that until I'm moved into the office, I'll be thrilled.

I also did not get into any challenges this year. However, I've signed up for the Christmas Card Challenge again this year. I HATED sending boxed cards and don't ever want to do that again! I've already marked Reindeer Club on my calendar. And I signed up for the Stamp 2 Spend Challenge again. I didn't participate last year. Since all my money has gone into the new studio, I have to focus on using what I have rather than spending more. (Except for Sal A bration coming up in Jan). I do need to replenish my SU Cardstock. And there are a couple more organization items I need. But aside from that, I should be good.

For the rest of this week, I'll be showing you some of what I've done and what I have in store. Next Monday, I'll change the GOAL List to reflect my plans for 2015.

How has your year been? Please share.
Creative Blessings!


  1. Hi Kelly! Thank you for leaving a comment on my House Mouse card! I look forward to seeing your crafty creations in 2015! Hugs, Vickie Y

  2. Congratulations on your articles! I think you have accomplished a lot, more than most people I know! Hugs, and Happy New Year!