Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SUMMER TRAVEL - What's in your Rolling Tote?

I know you are familiar with this bag. Many of you probably have at least one. I have two. One is for my good sewing machine. This one is my hotel travel bag. I was prompted by my sister to take pictures of this when we did our yearly Sister Weekend. She wanted to show her SO how prepared I am for a weekend.  I like having the comforts of home when I travel but have no desire to drive a motor home or pull a camper. Hotels, and their pools/ hot tubs suit me fine :-D

So let's peek inside.

I use the front zipper pocket for utensils:
Flat ware and a pairing knife (in the purple pencil box)
Can Opener
Cork Skrew
and for lack of room, I've included a tuna and a chicken snack boxes.

You can just see the beginnings of the contents in the main part. The nesquick container is my fluffy coffee mix. But here's what takes up most of the room...

If I'm going for 2 days or longer, I don't go anywhere without my Hamilton Beach K-cup pot, bottled water (those little 8 oz. chub jugs are perfect for single serve cups). The Baby Wipes Box has an assortment of K-Kups then I also have my Mocha Latte cups.

What's in your travel bag?


  1. I don't travel all that often, but when I do and I'm flying I travel light. If I'm driving, then that's a whole different story!

  2. I love this post!!! My husband would appreciate the coffee maker!! LOL
    Unlike Maggie, I never travel light! My travel bag has everything anyone could ever need at any moment. :-)

  3. Wow! You take your own coffee maker! I drink hot tea most of the time, so can run hot water thru hotel's coffee maker. I always take plenty of my own favorite tea bags.Bigalow Carmel, Stash chocolate decaf are some of my favorites. Also, I always make up my own snack mix and put it in ziplock bags. By car or by plane!
    Brenda is so funny! I do have alot of things available, like sewing kit, all possible pain pills. LOL I have yet to need any, but just in case. First aid kit. One our last trip to Hawaii, I did need all of the band aids I took. I slammed my finger in the cottage door, trying to keep it from slamming loudly! Since we have been traveling so much lately, I have pared things down a bit. But still have to take the tea and snacks! LOL hugs.