Monday, July 6, 2015

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Project in Progress

Yep, I've shown you my project bag before... back when I first introduced you to the Documented Life Project. I'm still playing with that but last week I found something else to play in that will let me use the only tools I really have handy at the moment.

I signed up for a FREE class called FINDING YOUR VOICE. Kristin refers to herself as a Feminist Scrapbooker. I'd never heard the term but I like the way she thinks. This 6-week class is about learning to tell OUR story. We spend so much time telling everyone else's story through our scrapbooking, we fail to leave our own for future generations.

As a writer, I am all about finding my voice unique so that when people read my books or articles they know that I am the only one who could have told the story... just as we are the only ones who can tell Our Story.

While the class is free, Kristin has an entire line of products to go with this class and other adventures she offers.  You can buy the class KIT or you can order any of the items individually. I choe not to order the Kit because I have enough paper and other supplies to play with. But ordering helps keep the classes FREE or low cost so I ordered a couple of the stamp sets. I ordered CURRENTLY (which is discounted) and THIS IS MY STORY.  When you sign up for their mailing list, you get a FREE DOWNLOAD of the CURRENTLY hard copy that you can print off yourself. I wanted the stamp set so I could use different colors of ink.

I have been to a couple of the chats. Before Wednesday I hope to get my first lesson completed as well as make my cover for the journal. Just needed to spend the weekend clearing a little space.

How do you tell YOUR STORY?

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