Monday, August 1, 2016


Apologies for being behind in getting this post up today. We got home from Oklahoma last night later than I thought (but prior experience should have taught me better LOL) I've been trying to spend as much time with Bob today as possible as he leaves out again tomorrow for another 3-4 weeks. 


I have not counted these stamps. Have no clue how many sets or collections I have, but at least they are all easy to find. The red boxes are Christmas stamps. With the system I have in place, I didn't need to have a specific color but I liked the pop of color. 

As you can see each box is labeled. Here's a close up of a box.

I stuck with the 4-Section System we use for the Scrap Rack. Alpha/ Numeric, Themes/ Calendar Year. Now, while Christmas is SEASONAL.. I have a lot of Christmas so kept them together. as their own group. The rest of the calendar year falls under SEASONAL.

Seasonal includes stamp sets that represent more than one holiday, such as this one:

Aside from having all of my stamp sets in the photo boxes, flip-file system, Every set has been photocopied and is in a binder. I wound up breaking this into 2 binders. Calendar Year and everything else.

Here is the coordinating page for Greeting Card Kids:

If you look close at both pictures, you'll see a little sticker in the upper right corner (Technically it is in the upper right of the stamp set because the stamp set stores horizontally in the box)

Rather than flipping through all of my stamps, I can go through the binder for inspiration. For this set, the tag in the catalog will read SEA 1 - 9  That means if I go to the photo box marked SEASONAL 1... I will find that stamp set. It is #9 in the box. 

This system also allows me to keep track of any sets that might get misplaced. I do NOT have to keep them in numerical order, but if I have SEA 1 -9 in the catalog, then that stamp set should be in the coordinating photo box.

I have done this for every stamp set. I also grouped my single wood-mount stamps together according to theme (birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc) in the stamp storage boxes from SU (both the old clam shell and the new DVD style) and added them to the mix, freeing up the drawer space I use to keep them.


  1. Now I'm really jealous, you have done a brilliant job with your organising. Happy crafting, Angela x

  2. Fabulous organization Kelly. I really need to photocopy my stamps and put them in a binder. So much easier than trying to figure out what's in every drawer.

  3. That is a lot of stamps! I think I would be overwhelmed with so many. Good for you for getting them all organized!

  4. This is genius! So impressed. Cara x