Monday, November 21, 2016


I saw this fabric at my local store, The Hideaway Quilt Shop, and knew I had to bring some of it home. At the time I didn't have a clue what I'd use the fabric for but I wanted some anyway. 

Then yesterday, when I remembered I needed to get a photo up on the blog I had a thought. These will be perfect as a tactical element on the alphabet pages in the Junk Journal I still intend to do. You can see the explanation of that project HERE  Since the signatures are already in place in the book, I can't stitch to the page but I'm thinking of cutting the tiles out, stitching around them then adhering to the page so they'll have that 'stitched in place' element. 

I thought it funny that after I snapped the picture, I noticed the word EAT stands out. Hmmm.. Does this fabric company have our number or what? LOL

Jean  always gets the neatest fabrics in and I have to contain myself every time I walk in her store. Trust me, as much as I love fabric and that is not an easy task. When we lived in Peoria I could wander JoAnn Fabrics for hours just fingering all of the different fabrics. I've even incorporated fabric into the book due to my editor in just a couple of weeks. My heroine is a fashion designer and she explains why she loves fabric.  

I'm busy with contractors this week but will try to post at least one more time. Yes, I have contractors coming on a holiday weekend. If you'd like to know that story, hop on over to my Journey blog... 

Creative Blessings!

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