Monday, June 19, 2017


The girls had fun using ink on glossy cardstock yesterday. They puddled ink, spritzed with water, tilted paper, blew with a straw (grandpa's suggestion) and had a really good time. Abby's came out a bit muddy but blotting with a roll of paper towels revealed a very pretty background.

Unfortunately, those pictures are on my phone and not on my regular camera. But, I do have a plan for those backgrounds so I'll show everything in a couple of weeks.

Now that the girls are acclimated to their new surroundings, this week we begin a regular routine. A routine that requires integrating their 'summer schooling' and weekly library trip in with my already established household routine.

So in the business, it's nice when I can take some 'me' time as I did yesterday.

Using some of the negatives from items I'd cut out to include in ATCs (which I will show as soon as recipients have seen them first), I created the second layer of an existing background (sunflower yellow)

I also used the relief from the labels that go on the backs of unmounted rubber stamps from SU.

I love using the negative spaces to create journaling and doodling blocks on my pages. 

I taped the edges down with blue tape...

and got busy with (Folk Art)  Red Violet, Light Blue, Yellow Citron and Podge Pink

After drying, I removed the stencils and started doodling with my Precision Pens from American Crafts. 

I outlined everything except the burgundy tag in the bottom left with a 08 and did most of the lettering with a 08. The tag was outlined with a signo white as well as the embellishments to the pink floral doily at the top. I colored in the doodle snake with Studio G paint markers from Michaels.

Not much of a page but was relaxing to just sit and play while we watched tv before bed. 

Do you doodle? Art Journal? play with paints? Link me to your creative goodness in the comments below. Inspire me!

Creative Blessings!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely creative time, it's great just to play rather than be so focused on the end product all the time isn't it? Take care x

    1. They do have a good time. Can't wait to show you what they do. Hugs!