Monday, January 8, 2018


The big ugly of what I'm dealing with this week. This is my Mixed Media corner of the studio. While I have projects in mind, I am the type of person who can not start a project until every thing is in order. 

To the left of that you see a shelving unit.. was an old stamp display unit from Michaels. This holds my acrylics. Since the main focus on this entire studio was to repurpose items I had on hand, I used one of the 2-drawer filing cabinets to hold painting supplies. The top drawer is all about applicators, latex gloves, etc. The bottom drawer is full of various types of micro-dinner plates, trays, cups to hold paint or use as palettes during projects.

The 2-door cabinet holds all of my blank journals/ papers to work with as well as texturing tools and paints that I don't use very often. 

The main focus of this area is the 6-drawer ikea cabinet. The drawers hold tissue paper, chip board, foam core, cardboard and one other item that escapes my early morning brain. The top drawer is currently empty. I haven't decided what I want to use it for and the purpose will be determined how the top of the cabinet plays out.

Behind that pile of stuff on top there are 2 drawer units I had picked up at Goodwill. Each Unit holds 4 drawers. I wish I'd had the forethought to by more of them. They were $5 each and they had a grocery cart piled full of them.  I've been using them for this and that since moving them from the basement room to the new studio. Now I'm thinking of moving them over to the office corner to store planner supplies in. 

The shelves above will stay pretty much as they are. 
My overall plan for this area is to build a series of cubbies with drawers.. similar to a library card catalog. These drawers will hold embellishments from Tim Holtz and other ideology-type items as well as small crocheted flowers, hardware, etc to use in the junk journals.

Originally, I planned to store the magazine cut-outs in page protectors in a binder. There are days that binders and my hands just do not work well together. Instead, I'm considering a file box with hanging file folders. I can sit the box on the floor in front of the mixed media cabinet area - easy to move if I need to.

The rest of the stuff on the floor ... that's what I'm sorting through and organizing today. The stack really isn't as bad as it looks, just needs taken care of.

Creative Blessings!


  1. I'm just jealous that you can see the floor! Most rooms in my house have foot holes to take you from A to B! Happy organising x

    1. only because I've been working on that spot. LOL though I do keep a walking path from the door.. just to the left out of the shot to my printer at the other end of the room. Video tour coming soon.