Monday, June 25, 2018


Okay, so the pages are totally out of sync from the month they were supposed to be. POWERFUL was actually the March challenge but somehow they didn't wind up in my book in the correct order. I think I'll try something different next year.

But anyhow... I like that this spread is about choice. That having GOALS, knowing what I want to accomplish is one thing. Regardless, there will always be obstacles or nay-sayers. How I CHOOSE to work with them is entirely up to me. 

While I'm not crazy about how this spread turned out, I am happy with the message to myself

I CAN exceed Expectation, I can determine how I work with my strengths and weaknesses to ACCOMPLISH my GOALS.. and I need to GET TO WORK if I'm to meet those goals.

Bob is only home a few more days so I'm off to be Crazy with him while I can. ;-)

Creative Blessings!

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