Wednesday, June 27, 2018

WOYWW #473

Wow, the month of June is nearly gone. This month has been our hottest on record for the most part and has made getting outside not as much fun.

I was going to show you garden pics but haven't taken any so a desk it is:

Washi tape on the left to keep the door closed on my camera. I can't believe this camera model has doubled in price in five years! But I do need to replace it. to the right of that (top left of the laptop) is a cris-cross card I made for the Teapot Tuesday Challenge, stamps, punches and ink used on the card and my box of mixed media stamps.

This all gets cleared off this morning and I start fresh. Off I go....

That's it for my desk this week. Who's Miss Julia and why am I here?  When you are done visiting me in the Ozarks, please hop on over to Stamping Ground  for all the details. Miss Julia has a long list of other studios you can peek into. No standing on an up-turned milk pail to look in the window. We open the doors wide and welcome you.  Please leave your number and you'll be among the first on my list. 

Creative Blessings!


  1. Hi, Kelly! I am early this week! Look at me, #10!

    1. HI Sharon! Early bird! Maybe next week you can beat Helen ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Helen! I tried to beat you to posting this morning but I went back to sleep lol

  3. Love the criss cross card. There's more than one use for washi tape - lol! Thanks for sharing - Hazel WOYWW #8 x

  4. Kelly you are so good clearing your work desk to make room for the next project, if only I had the space for this there would be so much more time for creativity!!
    Sweet criss cross card and a very inventive way to use that washi tape it's a useful little tool, my favourite is keeping cereal box lids closed tightly hee hee!!
    Thank you for sharing WOYWW, have a super week.
    Tracey #4

  5. Desk looks tidy and waiting for the next project to start. love the ATC you sent me and I've popped one in the post for you too. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x13x

  6. I’ve been complaining about my gimpy keyboard for awhile, but my mouse has always worked great. That is, until today. I had to buy a new mouse just so I could maneuver between blogs. That’s why I’m really late visiting.

    Like you, I insist on cleaning up after each project, sometimes during each project. My workspace is too small for clutter. I think we would get along great in that respect. The big question I have is what kind of camera do you have? Happy WOYWW from #3.

  7. Hi Kelly, I tidy up after each piece of work too. In fact sometimes things get tidied away then I have to get them out again lol. I've enjoyed seeing your ATCs on many desks this week. Sarah #5

  8. Blimey, doubled the price....must be a really popular model, she says cynically! So now the cross cross card is finished, what’s next for our delectation?!!

  9. I also need to get a new camera, but I want to try it out before I buy it. The one I have now does not stay true to the colors. Your area always looks so neat.

  10. Your desk looks very tidy and organised, Kelly. Mine's usually a mess these days! Thank you for your visit and I'm glad you enjoyed our kitties' antics. More this week!

    Happy very belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #43 (#28 this week)