Monday, August 1, 2011

Magazine Monday

I don't know about you guys, but it seems forever since I've been in here. I spent most of the month of July fighting to keep my internet on line. Basically, it boiled down to my HughesNet modem overheats. After three calls to their out-sourced call center in India, I finally got someone who spoke English well enough to understand my problem. A $10 fan from walmart blowing onto the box whenever it's booted up has solved my problem.

So today I'm showcasing the card I had ready to run a month ago.

I found this card LO in a Take Ten 2005 from the artist Lenita Gratz.

The medallion to the right is a bottle cap with a stamped image of a snowflake in the center. Her card is very elegant. She used a silver mat with a midnight blue ribbon against the white background. It's a beautiful card. But I'm a traditional artist so I took my Christmas card to the country.

I used the CB folder for some texture as well as a fabric frazzle strip. The bells are from Bells and Boughs (SU). I made gold paint from Metallic Gold Pearl X and Gum Arabic. Although it doesn't show up in the picture, the bells really sparkle!

One of my future projects is to create watercolor paints for all 24 of my Pearl X colors. Keep an eye here for how you can make your own Pearl X watercolors.

How are your Christmas cards coming along?

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  1. I love seeing your take on the magazine cards. I also love the embossing folder you used. i seem to use those little folders on everything now. It's a struggle to make a card without one these days. Nope, I haven't started on my Yule cards just yet. I have spent the day making Halloween cards and gifts actually. I will get around to the winter cards in another month or so though. I always want to get them done early in the summer, but never quite manage to! haha