Monday, September 24, 2012

Magazine Monday - Happy Birthday Sue!

   This week I'm celebrating our daughter's birthday. I'm starting with a simple card. On Wednesday, when she and I officially celebrate our birthday, I'll have another card for her. Sue seldom checks her snail mail so I know even if I were to priority out a card today, it might be next week before she sees it. hehe. She's a busy mom of two working full time. I hope Jeremy does something special for her on Wednesday. She's earned it.
   The inspiration for this week's card - and several others I'm going to show you - came from the Summer 2009 issue of Paper Creations Magazine Card artist, Sarah Small (sorry, couldn't find a blog or web for her) created simple tile cards from Scrapworks Alphabet Stickers. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Peel, place, send.
   Since I'm always encouraging my stamping friends to use their stash, I pulled out my paper stash drawer..

The drawer is approx. 15" square and holds all of my misc. paper scraps from various slabs. This does NOT include my SU DP. I keep that in the SU cabinet with the full pads.

I used the Cricut cartridge Accent Essentials to cut 1.25" scalloped squares. As I began placing my tiles I could tell I should have used 1". However, I'm on a time crunch today (thanks to a thoughtful hubby) and had to go with what I'd already cut.  

The stickers Sarah used were geometric/ contemporary in design and bright colors. The stickers also included pre-stamped words on some of the tiles. I improvised using stamps I had on hand.
I also saw this technique in all patterns of papers for different occasions.  Here's what I came up with:

These are great cards that serve multiple purposes:
1 - Use your stash!
2 - Have quick cards on hand for any occasion
3 - Make multiples very quickly for gift sets
4 - Great simple cards for people you know are going to toss them eventually (face it - they do!)

I'm going to make more of the Christmas design for my 2013 cards. Some I"ll leave plain while others I'll dress up a bit more.

Because many of you have asked about Gelato techniques, I'll be showcasing those on Thursday so make sure you come back!

Hubby leaves tomorrow and I'm back to my routine. 
Creative Blessings


  1. Nice cards with pretty old design, Looks very old cards.
    custom stickers

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. Yes, they were like custom stickers. I ran them through the Xyron for easy adhering.

  2. Great card, are you going to Sue's to celebrate? Kelly

    1. No. She'll be working and so will I. LOL We're going down in Oct. after Bob gets off the boat. The week after Abby turns 1.

  3. Fabulous cards and a great idea. I have a box full of scraps. I just can't throw them away and would like to do something like this with them.

    1. The 1.25 inch is perfect for the larger cards but for the 4x5.5 I'd go with a 1" square. That's what I plan to do next time.

  4. Great way to use up those scraps! I hope she has a terrific birthday!