Monday, September 17, 2012

Magazine Monday - kind of.

Okay... so you will not see a card today. I've managed to mess up the alignment in my neck so I'm just not up to playing or being on the computer like I need to be on Mondays.

I can tell you I had a wonderful visit with my youngest sister-in-law, Kelli Bay, over the weekend. She purged her work area a bit and guess who brought new things home. I think the Scor Pal will get a workout. LOL She handed off several SU wheels she no longer uses. They'll work perfectly in my mixed media art work. A few stamp sets and some brush markers... yep, new toys. Also some new ideas.

We went to Hobby Lobby where I picked up some christmas ribbons ( I know - didn't need but hard to pass up) LOL and 2 pkgs of Texture Accents Samplers from Faber-Castell. Each package has a small tube of Gesso, Gel Medium and Glaze. I'll pack these away with my Gelatos and have them handy. I also got a 6x6 album in brown with pink polka dots for the Tea Recipe Swap I was in last month. I think I'll embellish the outside of the album... just not today.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be ready for Teapot Tuesday.  In the mean time, check out Kelli's blog. She's really creative. Keep checking back as I know she's done some really cute Halloween treat bag kind of things you won't want to miss!

Creative Blessings


  1. Sounds like you had fun! I hope your neck is feeling better!

  2. Very fun Kelly! New toys are always a good thing and I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. Hope you are feeling better, I do hope you enjoy and are able to use your new (to you) toys! I would rather give them to someone then let them just sit around. Enjoy!! I enjoyed your visit.

  4. you'll have to make something using your gelatos , gesso and gel medium. i for one would love to learn about those things. i still love paper, pen and ink but i think it might be neat to add some new skills . looking forward to seeing what it might be . and instructions please . happy weekending

  5. I am super envious of your trip to Hobby Lobby! We do not have one here but will be getting one come spring so they say. Construction has begun so I am hopeful! I have Gelatos but I am not sure what to do with them. It sounds as if the trip to Hobby Lobby was very successful! :-)