Monday, March 25, 2013

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Getting Closer!

Whooo Hoooo!

Yep, a clean slate this week, sorry. But with good reason, which you'll see on Wednesday. I spent the entire weekend cleaning the Studio so I could get back to creating. Sunday I hit a snag when it came time to build shelves I needed for my work table. ALL of the power packs for the chordless tools were drained! Really? So instead of finishing my Studio yesterday so I could have a project in progress today to show you, I spent it researching a short story for competition.

BUT... and here's the good news. Tomorrow I'll be back to Teapot Tuesday! I'm cleared enough that I can make a card! ::: gasp :::

So come back tomorrow to see what's on the Tea Party menu!
Creative Blessings!

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