Monday, March 18, 2013

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Write On/ Wipe Off Board

My mixed media project this week is not associated to one of the things on my sidebar list but a project I just had to try. I love when I find something on the internet I can actually incorporate into my life - as opposed to ''someday".

While cruising Pinterest I found this cool little write on/ wipe off board for keeping track of daily activities. The original PIN came from HERE.  Their collage frame has 8 spots. The one I found only had 6 but that's okay. I didn't need any more than that. Working 6 days a week is enough for me :-D

Prices on these collage frames varied drastically in price. The ones at Hobby Lobby were over $30! I found this one at Michaels for $9 and had a 50% coupon. $4.50 was a good price. They also come in either black or white. I chose the white so the blue mats would pop while the frame itself sort of blended into the cabinet door where I hung it.

Here's what it looked like before I started:

I flipped it over and turned the little locks to remove the back boards and the pictures... using the pictures as a template. 

I could have hung it horizontal or vertical and it would have served the same purpose. I chose to hang it horizontal so I could hang it on the door of my overhead cabinet that holds my printer paper.  I used SU Baja Blue cardstock with Pacific Point ink to stamp the days of the week from the Classic Alphabet.

Under each day of the week I have listed my blogs and what I need to post on each one on any given day. If any of my scheduled post routine changes, I can wipe it away and write in the new! As you'll see in the first photo, Saturday is still open. It is my hope that Saturdays will be the day I scheduled as many posts ahead of time as I can for the coming week. I just haven't figured out how many 'scheduled posts' blogger will let me get away with ;-)

I'm still not to a point where I can do Teapot Tuesday cards. Hopefully only a couple more weeks. But I'll be back Wednesday with a WOYWW post. I love cruising the other blogs and seeing how other creative people have their spaces organized (or not organized) and what they are working on.

Creative Blessings!


  1. wow, these are fab.... love them!

    1. Thanks Karen! It's supper easy You could use it for so many other things... Maybe a MENU board? Or a Weekly Schedule for kids' activities.

  2. I love this idea. Hope it helps you with all the organising you have been doing. Thanks for dropping by my blog this week.

    1. Hey Linda.
      Glad to visit you. Love seeing what everyone else is doing and how they organize.

  3. Hi Kelly
    I had to come and find you after you left such a lovely comment on my blog. Love you memo board idea but how do you cope with all those blogs. One keeps me busy and that's been cut down as I wasn't crafting enough!!!
    Hope you have a great week and keep warm and safe in those storms.
    Hugs Lisax

    1. HI Lisa!
      Well, I'm off to a slow start with them this year but it's getting better. I actually keep a 5x7 ring binder for my Blog To Do List. It's really helping me book guests on my author and music blog.

      I have multiple blogs as 'multiple resumes' for the different areas of freelance I do.