Thursday, March 21, 2013


One of the items on the Side Bar Goals list is to complete the Mitten Tree items I started a couple of years ago. Completing this project will serve 2 purposes...

1) LOAD up the tree in November with hat/ scarf/ glove sets for local school children
2) Empty a HUGE tub of yarn out of my sewing room.

In case I've not discussed it here before, the Mitten Tree is sponsored by our local bank. Right after Thanksgiving, they put an artificial tree up in the lobby. People are encouraged to bring in hats/ gloves/ mittens/ scarves... even socks... and place them on or under the tree. A couple days before Christmas break, representatives from the bank take take them up to the school where they are distributed. I'd really like to make this an annual project.

What I've done is purchased the one-size gloves on clearance at season's end for around 50 cents per 2 pair. Then I crochet a simple hat an scarf to match.

The tan and maroon set on the far left is a scarf with the hat in progress. All I have left to do is gather one end to close it up and add a pom-pom. The second grouping is a sample of a larger collection. I have 8 black sets and 5 white sets consisting of hat and gloves. I just need to crochet scarves for those.. You can see the beginning of the black sets on the far right. As well as one completed black hat. I'd actually made that one before I bought the black sets off clearance. I have 5 of the white hats /w/ black stripes. They need gloves AND scarves.

The colum of purple leopard and the pink ones. They have gloves to match but need scarves. Then there is the collection of black scarves. I think I counted I have 6 of these done. I need to make two more of these and add the fringe, then they'll be ready to pair up with the black hat/ glove sets.

My challenge has become I can't really work with yarn projects at night while watching TV unless Bob is home. If he's home, the cats will curl up with him in the recliner. Otherwise they think my lap is the only place to sleep during that time. I love them and wouldn't be without them... but like kids, they make accomplishing things a bit interesting at times. 


  1. Ok....I have a half completed crocheted throw I need to finish............You have inspired me to get it hard to decide sometimes....papercrating....blogging or crocheting? LOL

    1. Boy do I understand your quandry, Brenda. LOL So many projects, so little time! Hugs!