Monday, April 1, 2013

MIXED MEDIA - Derailed

Yep... way off track. So far off track I'm not even at the depot. It's just been one of those mornings.

The day started out great. I took an early  morning drive into town. Saw a mother cow cleaning up a newborn calf, still wobbly on his legs as mom raked her big tongue across him. hehe Too cute.

Got to the restaurant in town to check on the new ownership. Beautiful cowboy decor to match the owner's personality. Back up to write up my weekly column for the newspaper and let my editor know I am taking the next two weeks off. Then the fun began.

Caught the outside cat in the bird feeder. So decided to take him food and refill the feeders. Okay so far. Then Bear, the Great Pyreneese decided it would be okay to come in the house and keep mom company while she worked. That went well until he investigated the bedroom... and Spirit, my precious house tom cat followed him... and wouldn't let him back out! LOL What a wimp. So Bear came out to lay beside Mom where he presumed it would be safe. Wrong. Spirit came out with us and had the nerve to approach Bear who decided the house wasn't big enough for him and the cat both and asked to go outside. Fair enough. I sit back down to work.

And so it went for all of thirty minutes when Bear started barking towards the back of the property where we've had problems. Okay. I'll take the pistol and we'll walk back to check it out. And just in case it was a diversion to get me away from the house, I locked the doors.

You know where this is going, don't you. Yep. I realized in the nano-second it took me to lock the door that my keys were still hanging on the fridge. Oh well, I already knew there would be only one way back in and went on the timber walk to find.... NOTHING! Not a thing to have Bear riled unless a deer had gone that way.

Ever the Girl Scout, I am always prepared (okay, except for a spare key OUTSIDE the house somewhere), I got the tools out of my truck and preceded to remove the trim board from around the bathroom window, pull the screen away an break the window so I could unlock it and crawl through.  Now, I'm in the house and Bob has an actual house repair project on his Honey Do list... a list I try very hard NOT to create for him when he's home.

NOW I'm ready to sit down to work... What's that? Spirit brought Mommy a present. Apparently to tell me he has a size requirement for what he'll allow in the house. This time, a little brown mouse. The mouse goes out and he gets a treat. That's our trade.

By this time I've decided I want as far away from the house as I can get and chinese food. So here I sit at my favorite coffee bar - HERO'S COFFEE in West Plains MO. I've had chinese buffet and now I'm enjoying a much deserved fluffy coffee. After while I'll go get a spare house key made and figure out a place to hide it OUTSIDE of the house LOL. And be home in time to torment Blake Shelton on twitter during TheVoice. Gotta take my frustrations out on someone LOL.

Oh as far as creating goes. I WAS headed downstairs to photograph a new spread in the ABCs book before this all started. I do have two cards for TeaPot Tuesday all done and ready for tomorrow. Two? yep I know I only need one and I'll explain that tomorrow...

No April Fools. Anyone who knows me knows I don't play that game!
Creative Blessings!


  1. Oh goodness! This might make you feel a bit better. Clint called me at work one day, he had locked himself out of the house. Just a break a window and crawl in.
    He informs me he already tried..he broke a hallway window stacked a wheel barrow and lawn mower (nice) but he still couldn't get up high enough (well where is our ladder)
    At the neighbors... (good place for it right)
    So try a living room window, but you have to make sure you fix it so the dog can't get out it later
    tried that, but doesn't want to break the glass on the big windows (nice thought)
    Well there is a window on the door, if you break that glass, can you fit your arm though it?
    He hangs up.....I tell my co worker I am gonna laugh if he gets his arm stuck in that one!
    Well the phone at work rings and my co worker tells me to start laughing..sure enough Clint was stuck in the front door!
    I told him to call Jay to come help him.
    A bit later he calls to tell me he is out, and they stood around having a cigarette, when he leaned against the car...guess what was in his back pocket!
    He had the house key the whole time!
    Feel better?

  2. OMGosh! I'm glad you had the chance to actually relax a bit after all that! Did you get the spare key made & figure out a new hiding place? I hope you're having a nice day!
    Hugs & Love....

    1. Yes, Jackie, I did. I was so wired last night after the day I had a heck of a time going to sleep though. Today is off to a much better start LOL

  3. LOL! What an April Fool type of day even though it wasn't! I do remember days in the past where I've locked myself out of the house and had to break a window to get in. Haven't done that in a really long time and hope not to anymore. Glad you were able to finally sit down and enjoy lunch.

    1. If it had been St. Patty's day I'd think banshee's were afoot. It was just so unreal!

  4. LOL!! Almost sound like Karma was trying to bite you in the butt, but I know you've not given it a reason to do that. :) Oh my ... what a day. I hope that today is much better and that you can enjoy the rest of the week.

    1. NO kidding! Aside from too hot in the house and a computer that wanted to fight me at every turn... it's not been bad. LOL