Monday, January 20, 2014

MIXED MEDIA MONDAY - Preparation-Organization

Until I have a place to actually work on Mixed Media, my Monday posts will be about the organization I've been trying to put into place.

I've gotten a jump on one of Tiffany's categories. Not because I'm an over-achiever (though I've been accused of such nonsense LOL) but because I HAD to get this put away so I could move forward with the rest of the room.

Over the course of the last year I would find ribbon I just had to have (come on, you do the same thing). But instead of taking time to put the new pretties away, I'd leave them stacked or bagged up in the studio. I decided as part of the clean up/ reorganization they were all getting put on the cardboard bobbins.


I transferred:
60 spools Christmas
18 spools Halloween
6 spools Fall
8 spools Neutrals
8 spools Spring

Instead of individual spools, I prefer to card my ribbons and fibers. The standard size ribbons I can get 3 to a card. The wider ribbons I do 2 to a card. I store them in a drawer custom designed for them - Okay THREE drawers LOL

The seasonal themes will go in their own containers. I'll file the Neutrals within their spot in the drawer.
The third one of these drawers is a hodge podge of various fibers/ ribbons that did not fall into a specific color AND the wide wire-edged Christmas ribbon. I'm going to move the Christmas ribbon over to whatever container I can find large enough to store all of the bobbins in one spot, Clear out the rest of the drawer then put all of my lace trims on bobbin cards. Right now they are more a tangled mess in a plastic shoe box. Not pretty.

And all those spools I emptied....

There is a gal in CO who wants to put all of her ribbon BACK on spools so they are off to her tomorrow.

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