Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WOYWW #243 - I have a desk!

We have a blast on WOYWW. Don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about? Stop in at Julia Dunnit’s blog for all the DETAILS. In a nutshell, this gives us an open invitation every Wednesday to showcase what we’re working on and to peek in on work spaces all over the world. We would love to have you join us!

So here’s my desk for this week:
Relatively clean. I at least have space to work but I'm not doing any creating while I work through Tiffany Spaulding's Get Organized Challenge. A couple of things to point out... The stack of paper to the left is all 'stamp off' paper. A small portion of what I have. I just can not throw anything into the landfill (or the shredder for the garden) until I've used it as many times as possible. Sad, isn't it.

The manilla envelopes to the back right are those Teapot Tuesday cards I made the first week of the year. The square ones with the dog in the wheel barrow? They are square and they have bumpies so I put them in padded envies. The postal service wants over $6 a piece to mail them to Canada. So I need to rethink that card and save these for someone in the US.

Finally, the sectioned box in front with the markers. Those are those mysterious markers that arrived in my mail last fall. (I finally figured out where they came from- thanks Brandy!) Because they need to be stored horizontal they can not stay in that box so I'm still working on an 'upcycle' item solution. However, I did get an idea from Heidi Bound at Gotham City Stampers about putting all of her Project Life items in one of these. I'm going to Dollar General tomorrow to pick up the long one - or maybe a second one of these as I like the sectioned sizes. I wasn't sure I was a Project Life kind of scrapbooker but have since determined they would be perfect albums for my granddaughters now living so far away.  Oh, and the pink hippo stuck in there will be a pattern for a TPT card I needed last week. I really need a hippo stamp or image but I can make this work.

So what's on YOUR work station this week?


  1. What a nice clean area Kelly...perfect for creating LOL!!! Glad you're getting organized & can't wait to do the same in my new space!!!!!

  2. Woo-Hoo Kel! Enjoy your new workspace! :)

  3. Wow, that looks fabulous--just waiting for a good, creative, messing-up!!

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww, Kelly, and for your comment on the collage at Something Tattered--I really appreciate it!! Happy WOYWW to you!
    #21 this week
    with a BIG mess

  4. Your desk is so beautifully tidy and ready for action. Mine is not a clear today as I failed to clear up when I had finished yesterday.. Hope you enjoy playing on your lovely desk. xx Maggie #2

  5. WoW Kelly - you are Mrs Orgainsed! It all looks great. Am with you on the scratch paper, I have more than I can use and I use a lot, but it is maddening to just throw it out. Good luck with the Hippo - strange subjects you people choose....!

  6. Love all your cylindrical store pots. Thanks for the visit this week, sorry it has taken so long to reply, seem to have a pile of stuff to do but did finish the little felt house which was gratefully received today - phew BJ#72

  7. $6.00? Wow - that's pretty steep for a card, huh? I have been watching Tiffany, but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to the type of organizing she promotes. I think I'm just lazy. ;-) You'll have to share some of your organizing - I need some inspiration. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. April #22

  8. Thanks for popping in on me and for sharing your crafty space. I like the idea of having those tubes all in a row in which to store your bottles of paint so handily. It looks a nice place to create.
    Have a great Sunday, the sun is shining here after fierce gales have eased so it's good.
    Jo x

  9. That really is organised, good for you! I'm with you on the recycling front - it's not sad at all .... is it?! :o) Sorry to take so long to repay your visit, it's been a really manic week and I'm still catching my tail. See you again soon Anne C #82