Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Happy Tuesday!

Until this back issues settles down and I've completed the Get Organized Challenge, I will not be showcasing any of the Teapot Tuesday cards. I am keeping track of them and plan to still make the cards but this will take a few weeks yet. So hang around.

I pinched a nerve in my back a week ago and although the 'pain' is gone, the muscles are still sore and enjoying heating pad time  - a lot. :-) Of course, this is slowing my progress on the Get Organized Challenge. Thankfully Week 1 was all about Defining our Benefits of an organized space, making our themes list and gathering everything to be sorted in one location.

Week 2 begins today and is all about sorting paper. I don't have a lot that needs to be sorted and will talk about that next week. What I do need to sort, I'm going to have Bob set up the 4x8 table downstairs so I can sort on that. I KNEW there was a reason I cleaned the adjoining utility room - hehehe

Thanks to everyone who stopped in and viewed my slideshow. Showing off my room in it's present condition was scary but a necessity to showing how far I will have traveled on this 8-week journey.

Maybe tomorrow my desk won't look so scary for WOYWW. I hope you'll come back to see.
Creative Blessings!

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