Thursday, March 12, 2015

NEEDLE & THREAD THURSDAY - A bit of non-sewing

What do you do when your eldest granddaughter calls and says 'Grandma, I need new nightshirts."  You ask her what she wants on them then proceed to do them up as quick as possible so they can go in the mail.

I sent Adrian a store-bought nightgown to tide her over. Poor Abby is getting all of big sis's hand-me-downs so I bought her a jammie set with a cupcake on the front. I call her cupcake so could not resist.

So along with their St. Patty's day treats, Adrian is getting six new night shirts and Abby is getting one. I made them each a Frozen night shirt then the 5 white ones are Adrian's by request.

I did both frozen's on blue t-shirts purchased at Hobby Lobby when I purchased the fabric. The rest of Adrian's were boy's XL shirts. I cut out the images and applied them to the shirts with Wonder Under. Quick and easy.


  1. So cute! Always fun to send goodies.

  2. so awesome to have such a creative grandma, the product you used is called "Wonder under"? is it an adhesive? how does it work ? Inquiring minds want to know

  3. I think they are old enough to appreciate that what Grandma makes is "one of a kind" which makes it even more special to receive.

  4. You are a good Grandma, :). I bet they love them!

  5. I've never heard of Wonder Under....but I think I need some. Looks like my type of sewing. :-)