Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Technique Tuesday - Organization - SU Catty's

I've been promising this post for over a week. Things are just not the same with Bob home 24/7. Not a bad thing in that our time together is so important - and he does NOT encroach on my work time. I just limit my work time so as not to totally ignore him. Thank you all for understanding.

So today is all about how I am going to organize the SU Catty's in the new space. Because that part is not done yet, I can't show them in place. But I am going to show you what I've done in prep. When the time comes, I'll just need to put them on the shelf.

I wanted a way to display the catalogues while still being able to see them. My other goal was to keep Sale A Bration and Mini's with their same yearly Big Design Book. I thought about a 2 pocket folder but the sturdy ones are expensive. Then I found an in-house shipping envelope amongst my stash and knew they would be perfect.

On an internet search I found them in pkgs of 12 on line with a company called ShopLet. They have a wide inventory of office supplies to choose from and their service was FAST! I ordered on a Friday morning. The invoice went through that afternoon and I had my package the following Tuesday!

While I waited for the envelopes to arrive, I prepped the spine tabs.

I photocopied the spine of each catty. This involved laying the catalogue open on the scanner and getting way more than I needed. Then I cut the spine from each picture and adhered them to strips of white cardstock that I had cut about 1/8 inch wider on each side. 

Then I cut them apart and sealed them in clear contact paper. I wanted them to be substantial. So while the front is wrapped in the clear contact, I kept a wide enough strip to wrap around and attach to the inside of the gusset on the side of the envelope.

Now when I stand them on the shelf, I can see the tab showing what year the catty is. 
These envelopes have 2 pockets. An inner pocket with the string closer. I chose to put the catalogue in so that the front faced out... 

Then on the outside pocket (used for slipping in the shipping invoice) I put the special sale flyers and minis as well as a retired list for the ones I had.

I will either custom make a magazine holder to store them or use Totally Tiffany's 12x12. In the envelopes, they are a tad too wide for the standard holder. While Tiffany's might be a bit over overkill, that might be easier than making my own. 

One more organization item situated for when I can get in the new office... at this point we've slid to sometime after June. Getting Bob's hands in working order are more important right now. 

How do you store you cattys?


  1. Fabulous idea! Love the way that you keep everything for the year together. Can't wait to see your finished space! I'm going to be so jealous. ;)

  2. I am going to steal your great idea!, because I already have a bunch of those plastic with button string closure containers. One time at a garage sale in Atlanta visiting my daughter, I had presence of mind to get them cheap. Didn't know exactly how I would use them. So far I have been using them to keep pieces of projects together. I just went and checked and the catty fits in them. Whahoo! Thanks Kelly

  3. There is no way I could keep everything, I would have way to much clutter and it would drive me crazy,in tend to onky keep things I can't find elsewhere.
    I can't wait to see how you are all organized when you are finished.

  4. This is super creative I love the fact that they are clear so you can see whats in the envelope.

  5. love all your organizational tips. tell bob get better soon and that im thinking about y'all.