Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WOYWW #300!!!!

Before I move on to celebrating our 300th Anniversary here at WOYWW, I wanted to show you the ice caps I had hanging from the house over the weekend. This is a result of not having an 'ice guard' installed when we put the new roof on. The ice/ snow melted and began sliding off the roof - freezing once again in transit. The 40+ degree temps yesterday sent them sliding to the ground... just in time for us to get another winter storm. Already sleeting here this morning, 32*F and we should see 6-7" of snow before the system moves out tomorrow morning.

Now to the important reason we are here. WOYWW has reached a milestone. Thanks to our illustrious leader, Julia at Stamping Ground, we have had the opportunity to peek in on other artist's studios for 300 weeks!  That's a lot of viewing of tremendous talent.  I hope you'll join us.

I actually have something in progress on my temporary desk besides a sorting mess. I did manage to get all of my paper (except for the slabs - they are in boxes under the table) in their respective paper holders. I still need to make the ID tabs for the colors. To the left, that red photo box is the beginning of my new stamp storage system. All of my boxed stamps will go in shoe boxes coordinating with what is in them. I have 2 for Christmas. Everything else you see is the remnants of that Christmas card project I showed yesterday. I still need to make 4 more before I can put those components away and start a new project.

So what's on YOUR desk? Leave your number so I can be sure to stop by your space to ooo and awww.
Creative Blessings!


  1. Hi Kelly, great to see you, Wouldn't like to be standing under the overhang when it slid off!
    Your desk is looking very organised.
    Jan S. No 49

  2. Hi Kelly! That ice slide is really something. Looks like you are even busy organizing in your temporary craft area! Can't wait to see your permanent space all done and organized! Thanks nor your visit! Stay warm! Cold here today, too!

  3. Hello wow you are getting organised!! I know that some of you must be heartily sick of the snow but wish we'd had just a little. Happy WOYWW Anne x #38

  4. That ice really is something. Are you starting to suspect that winter will never go away? Your temporary craft area looks full of things to keep you busy-especially organizing-that's a job that is never done. It is looking good. Am I understanding it correctly that you are sorting by theme into shoe boxes? So the Christmas box will have Xmas stamps, Xmas papers, Xmas ribbons, red & green glitter glue and Xmas embellishments? And the dog box will have all that stuff for dogs? I'm just curious as I knew a lady who sorted her craft stuff like that and I thought it was a brilliant system. I have too much stuff to make it work for me though. Thanks for the visit earlier! Judy #74

  5. Good grief, it looks like the ice age at your place! How on earth do those ice caps manage to cling on? I'm so glad that our winter has been comparatively mild this year.
    You've been doing some great's a good job done and will make finding the right paper all the more easier!
    Happy 300th WOYWW,
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  6. love that you are still organizing and organizing . not too crazy about the winter stuff either . dont even know when I bought my last paper slab. I think I feel the shopping bug coming on

  7. Hopefully you'll get some warmer temps this weekend. We only have icicles, LOL.

  8. That's an amazing photo, Kelly. The air must have been extremely cold for it to hang like that, and to blow inwards. I've never seen anything like that before! I love all the lovely colours of your papers in their racks - really decorative!

    Thanks for your visit and your kind words. Mum is more or less OK but still complaining - honestlly some people are absolutely determined to be miserable!!! As for the kitties, Beatrice is another one who has to have contact! She makes me very hot at night! Last night she was squashed right up against me, right under the duvet all night, and reached out with her paw and laid it on my arm! I think she knows I'm not well and she's being so loving!

    Thanks for your continuing prayers and kind thoughts. Very much appreciated!


  9. Hi Kelly, sorry I'm a bit late with my visiting this week. I have been trying to do a few each day but people keep finding me things to do this week. Love the way you have organised the papers by colour. It sure looks cold where you are. Hope you have a good week, Angela x 42

  10. Oh I remember weather like that. Love all the colorful paper you've sorted. Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #75 a bit late

  11. Hi Kelly, thanks for leaving a comment on #300, sorry it has taken me so long to return the visit. I almost missed your comment, I get so side tracked by anything shinny......LOL

    I would gladly send you some warn sun shine from CA.

    Your paper looks so pretty all standing at attention waiting to be used.
    Thanks again for dropping by my blog hope to see you for #301
    Krisha #2

  12. Hi, Kelly, I'm "catching up" on returning some visits. I saw a huge snow "wave" like that off a commercial building a few winters ago. We're having mild temperatures this week and lost a ton of snow (but still plenty remains.) Happy WOYWW belatedly! ~ Laura (#69 last week)