Friday, April 8, 2016

FRIDAY FREEBIE - Journaling By 5s - Step 1

I can tell you, the KIZOA flip-through is not very interesting and why I did not feel pressured to get it done. 20 pages of slaps of color not overly exciting LOL. While you will not see the backgrounds this week, I am going to show you the colors I worked with below.

Beginning Tuesday April 12th, I will have 28 days of uninterrupted time to put things in order, update blog posts and play in the studio. I may even have new toys by then.  Thanks for understanding!

This week I tackled Step #1. I'm pretty sure this is the most fun part. Paints and Inks. Can't go wrong getting inky!

The basic concept is you ONLY SPEND 15 MINUTES for each Step. Gather the supplies, set a timer and GO! I can tell you that 15 minutes goes quick. 

Before you see my pictures of the process, here's a quick recap of the Journaling By 5s process:

From this week on, I'll be using a Kizoa video to flip through my pages. I might take on YouTube in the future, but right now that is not in my learning curve time frame. 

I started with these colors. These are old Papier Paints. Very gloppy.  HERE and HERE are two previous posts I did using these paints. I just can't bare to throw them away. Some, as you can see on the far right, have never had the seal cracked on them.

But once you mush them up with a spritz or two of water and a pallet knife, you have a product you can work with:

They applied nicely with the brayer, I may look at the thrift store for a personal sized blender that I can mix them up in then restore in their bottles so I'm not having to do the mushing process each time.

After applying the paints to my pages, I used multi-purpose art pad from the dollar store to swipe the paint remnants from the craft mat. I got several 'prints' but here's a sample of what was on the mat


  1. It all looks very intriguing, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results. Cara x

  2. So very interesting Kelly. I look forward to the progress you make on this project. Hugs, Maggie.