Tuesday, July 5, 2016

SCRAPRACK - Almost complete

I spent a busy weekend working on the Scrap Rack project. That seems to be a never-ending task.. though I am finally beginning to see the end. I THINK I have sorted everything into ABC/ Themes/ Rainbow/ Calendar year that I own. Though, if the 'clown car' effect is still going strong, I will not be surprised if something else shows up as I move on to other organization areas of the studio.

For now... Here are 2 of the categories, completely sorted:

This is the rainbow section. Though I've since gone back and removed all of the pages with Fibers. Those will get carded and added to the fiber drawers. Having them stored in the SR for me does 2 things: 1) adds more bulk which means I'd need more spinders and more bases. I do not have room for more than 3 bases. 2) carding the fibers and putting them in the drawer will keep ALL of the fibers together (keep together what you'll use together) with the exception of the holiday themed fibers. Those will stay in the Calendar section of the SR.  I have 6 spinders for the Rainbow section

This is all of the Themes section... well, as much as you can see down the length of my table. There are 8 Spinders full for themes... that's an entire base with a squeak of an extra.

So the problem became that the space the SR was to go is only long enough for 2 bases. And that was with an extension piece Bob created to go over the 2 (2-drawer) filing cabinets that were to be the location for the SR. I can not get away with less than 3 bases. 

yeah, I'm a Got A Lot A Girl LOL  Though I did not realize how much until I began sorting.

I've shown you these pictures before but they will help you to see where I'm going.

This is suppose to be the 'cutting station' in the new studio. In the picture below, if you look on the left side, you'll see the end of the cutting station. 2 (2-drawer) filing cabinets are placed side by side (opening out into the room) to hold the SR

This is where I am now:

I cleared everything off the Cutting Station. I put the SR into place and realized that I have 2 complete bases and an expansion base. I can still use the base from the 2nd unit but I need the piece of velcro used to connect the basis (and providing room for that 8th spinder).  I ordered the piece yesterday and I suspect Karen will have it to me by Friday. So hopefully, next weekend I can put the SR in place and FINALLY be done with the SR organization. 

Next project will be the $1 stamps.