Friday, September 30, 2016


I am so thrilled to finally have this complete. I had one last year but the binder just didn't feel right and there didn't seem to be enough information or inspiration for me to actually put the planner to use.  As I've been studying planners this past year and finding a day planner that finally fits me and everything I need a planner to do, I realized what was missing from my original blog planner. Here's a picture of one of the planning pages from last year:

Nothing fancy. Just a sheet of notebook paper with the month at the top, the dates down the lefthand side. Monthly tabs were done in the color coordinating with that blog and each blog separated by their Washi Tape color code. Not real inspiring. 

I really like the feel of the new planner and see myself using the system on Sundays when I sit down to plan my week ahead.

I have to give a shout out to Melissa Ringstaff at A Virtuous 
Melissa has an amazing array of printables both in her Etsy shop and for Free (such as this blog planner that I used).  If there is ANY type of your life you need a tangible way to keep organized, Melissa probably has the perfect printable. 

Now, here's my slideshow of my blog planner:

I used a 2" binder with a viewable cover. The Cover, Spine, Filetabs were created from a filefolder set purchased at Hobby Lobby called Multi-Pattern Chevron. I used the same folders for my 43 Folders A5 binder so that everything coordinates. I'll use the same colorscheme in my DayPlanner for next year.

Next Friday I'll walk you through the individual components and why I've chosen to use this particular format.

So tell me, How Do You Plan?
Creative Blessings!

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