Friday, January 20, 2017


My 2017 Daily Planner!

I am so excited to work with my new planner. As in past years, I put this one together myself using various products available on-line as well as my own creations.

To start with, I'm a vintage gal through and through. I fell in love with this paper from KaiserCraft - their 'Time Piece' collection.  The Proud Product Planner sticker is from The Reset Girl. I love Cori's perspective on things and her vintage line speaks to my heart. I can't remember if the doily is from Cori's sheet as well or if that was from Simple Stories.  The coil binding is 1.25" white from American Crafts. This color/ size was being discontinued so I bought several packages. I have about 10 pages too many for everything to fit comfortably. I do have quite a bit of bulge but I'll explain in a minute how I'm counter-acting that. For the time being, when the planner isn't in use, I'm keeping everything secure with a white elastic headband from Dollar Tree.

Let's take a walk through my planner:

This is my Month On Two Pages that I purchased from Alexis Giostra aka Miss Trenchcoat at Strange & Charmed Whether you are a planner girl, want to succeed with a 'side hustle' or just need some positive motivation, Alexis is the lady you want in your corner. Her YouTube videos and on-line courses are amazing. She has really helped me organize my thoughts and my business. I've decorated the page with a larger Month tag from The Paper Studio 'create your own calendar' sticker pack. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby near the Happy Planners. The sticker in the bottom is from The Reset Girl through the Carpe Diem planner line. I've placed the sticker for the coming month in the bottom right corner of each month... so February has a March calendar. 

This is my Social Media Tracker. I have everything listed that I need to do daily in the right hand column then across the top, Monday - Friday. Between my job as Marketing Director for not one, but TWO publications, my personal writing, Stampin' Up dem and creative avenues, I have a lot. BUT, here's the thing. None of them take but a few minutes to deal with each morning. I just work my way down the list and take care of the important stuff, delete the junk I don't need in my email then move on with my day. And I have stamps I can use to 'check' items off just to give me some play time LOL

This is my Day On One Page. I've designed this in Microsoft Works to fit my needs. On the left hand side, there are several boxes. The first one is for tracking Writing Group challenges. 

The second box is for personal tracking of New Words written and Pages Edited.  These two boxes are important visuals for me to not get lost in business and forget to do my own fiction writing. 

The third box pertains to creative challenges on Splitcoast Stampers. I participate in 2 challenges and moderate the third one. This gives me a spot to put the Keywords so when I upload cards for the challenges, I don't have to go back and hunt up the keyword.

The fourth box is for personal well-being. The first sticker is from Plan With Samia. I found several great stickers in her Etsy shop.  I especially like the meditation reminder. Most of the time I dive right into work and forget to take a breather.  Below her sticker I've added lines for noting the number of steps, treadmill and Wii Fitness. I don't do all three every day but my CopperFit step tracker is on my wrist every day. The link takes you to HSN but I got mine at Dollar General for the same price. The final sticker (shown) is my water tracker from Glitz Paper Co  Ashley offers a lot of free downloads for planners.. this was one of them. I have a lot of her stickers. Another one I have but isn't shown is a pill capsule. Since the picture was taken I've placed a capsule sticker across from the Plan With Samia sticker as a reminder to take my vitamins every day. Some days remembering is easier than others. I get busy, I forget.. but my planner is always in view on my desk so if I've not marked something off, then I know I need to take care of the task. 

The entire right column is a To Do.. for making notes about specifics I need to do/ calls/ emails that I've addressed. I will be adding a Top 3 sticker to each page. I can't remember which company I am planning to use. but I have several to choose from. That's probably why they aren't there yet... decisions decisions decisions.

I have a book mark that moves through the month.The bookmark has a graphic of my 'daily time table' attached.  

Now remember when I told you earlier I had a plan for whittling down the number of pages? Here it is:

I have placed a note-sheet from a We R Memory Keepers paper slab, part of their Typeset line. At the end of each month, I'll recap the month's events on here, then remove any of the daily pages I no longer need to refer to. As the year progresses, the number of pages will be eliminated, reducing the bulk. 

So how many pages exactly do I have in this planner?

12 Month on two pages (24)
Social Media Tracker (52)
Monthly Recap (12)
Daily To Do (183 -printed double-sided)
Front & Back Cover (2 - laminated)
Book Mark (1 - laminated)
Pocket page (1)

275 pages total! The 1.25 coil should accommodate around 200-250.. so yeah, I have pushed the envelope just a bit. LOL

So that's how I keep on track. What do you use? Link me to your planner. I'd love to see!
Creative Blessings


  1. Your planner looks beautiful Kelly!!

    1. Thank you, Alexis! And thank you for stopping by for a peek. ;-) Creative Blessings!

  2. Fabulous Planner. Again, you are the most organized person I know. I'm trying to be better at it this year.

    1. Everyone is organized in their own way, Maggie. LOL And some of us are more OCD than others. Good Luck on keeping up with your style this year.