Thursday, January 19, 2017


For my first Thursday Threads post of 2017, I wanted to show you the beginnings (or maybe the leftovers) for the Mitten Tree project. As a refresher, the Mitten Tree is a Christmas tree placed in our bank foyer every year right after Halloween. Patrons drop off socks, mittens/ gloves, scarves and hats for the local school children. Bank employees take them to the grade-school office a day or two before Christmas break. Shannon Co, MO ranks in the top 3 poverty counties in the state. 

While we can drop off individual items, I remember being one of those children and wished I had matching sets like some of the other kids. So I purchase hats/ gloves in sets then crochet a matching scarf for each set. Last year, there were almost no hats to be found on clearance so I purchased enough yarn to use the Knifty Knitter to make those as well. Winter items are going on clearance now so when I go shopping later this week, I'll try to pick up as many hats as I can. 

The stash in the picture above is stored in one of these:

This is an Under the Bed Shoe Bag. The 22.75" x 28.5" x 5.5" is designed to hold 12 pairs of shoes. And that is originally what I purchased it for last year. But I've since turned a 5-shelf book case into a shoe/ purse cabinet so was able to re-purpose this. Mine is now holding the gloves I purchased last 

28 pr. Cream
21 pr. Brown
3 pr Hot Pink
2 pr. Black
5 pr. White
4 pr Gray (with hats)

And all the yarn needed to complete the sets. These are what I did last year before things went haywire around here. I decided to hang on to them as 'seed' for this year's:

Because I know the arthritis in my right hand will give me fits if I just crochet, I'll be mixing the Thursday Threads post with updates on the Mitten Tree, Embroidery Projects and Rug making. I have some rugs I've wanted to make for the house for awhile now and I've decided this is the year some of these projects get completed. 

What is in your Un-Finished Objects project basket? Please share and let's encourage each other!
Creative Blessings!


  1. That's a lot of yarn and such a great project for the community.

    1. My goal is 52 sets but when I could get 2pr of gloves for 25 cents last spring, I kind of went crazy LOL.