Thursday, October 5, 2017


In an earlier post I told you about plans to finally embroider Halloween dish towels. I'm making progress. This is the stamp set I've chose:

This set from InkaDinkaDo is configured to create a marionette. My plan is to stamp the images in position on white cardstock. I will place the cardstock on my lightbox then position the dish towel over the image and pencil-trace for embroidery.

Here are the DMC colors:

Top Row: #721, #740 (Pumpkin), #51, #741 (Med. Tangerine), #608 Dk. Burnt Orange
Middle Row: #552 (Violet Med.), #52 (Shading Purples), #208 (Lavender Med.), (Black),
 #53 (Black/ Gray Shading)
Bottom Row: #907 (Parrot Green, Light), #472 (Avocado Green Ulttra Light), #92 (Shading Greens)

I hope to get some embroidery time in this weekend and have an update next Thursday.
Creative Blessings

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