Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recycle Wednesday - A Memory

Today’s recycle has nothing to do with paper, but everything about preserving memories.
The year Bob and I were married, his dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was a rough time for all of us to hear that word, but especially for Bob. He is the oldest of five and Dad’s namesake… Robert W. Henkins III. Dad had to retire. For a man used to working long hours at his regular job, Dad had a lot of outside interests. One was doing interior house remodels. He was always working with his hands. So he was forced to find something to do with them. He crocheted and someone gave him a muslin candlewicking blanket top of various types of birds.  He couldn’t get into it. And if you’re curious, he eventually began woodcarving and built a dollhouse. We treasure some of his hand-carved miniature gun replicas.

Over time, the candlewicking pattern faded but I couldn’t bring myself to let go of the muslin. I loved my father-in-law and this was a part of his journey I wanted to keep.
One day, while cleaning out my sewing room I found the fabric and a box of my husband’s worn-out Jeans. I knew these two fabrics belonged together. It became a Christmas present for Bob that year. I still have to bind and tack it, but I had to give it to him just the way it was. I just haven’t found ‘the’ fabric to bind it with.  It’s now become a priority for me to finish and get out of the sewing room.

The quilt consists of triangular pieced blocks of the muslin, recycled denim and a coordinating flannel I purchased new to bring it all together. The backing is also of the same muslin. The over-sized lap quilt is 6 blocks by 8 blocks. I’m hoping to find the binding and have it done in time for Bob to take to deer camp this fall. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Kelly! What a beautiful story! When I was little my Grandpa taught me to crochet. He was also ill and had to have something to do with his hands. I still have some of the things that he made. ( I never got very good at crocheting and it is on my "need to learn more/improve" list) Your quilt is is wonderful and so special!!

  2. I enjoyed reading your quilt story, what an awesome gift for your husband!