Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FIRST STEP Part 2...

Well, hope my pics from yesterday didn't scare you too  much. I promise, today's are not as bad.

This is taken from the doorway looking towards the cutting table. The entertainment center in the back corner houses all of my quilt kits. Right now the cutting table is full of Mixed Media art stuff and the blue and white basket on the corner is card kits from a group I belong to on SCS. It's imperative I get this all organized as it is my turn to send out envelopes to the other 11 participants on Feb. 1st. Eeeek!

Don't let the tubs scare you. That is how I store my large pieces of fabric by type. It keeps them dry just in case we get another torrential rain. The white cabinet holds my SU fabrics, books for mixed media projects and book pages I've removed from previous projects. The clear tub on top of that is my paper maker screen and supplies.

Let's look at the cutting table. For those of you who've not heard, this was something I designed and my dear husband built for me over 25 years ago. The 4 legs are 4x4 posts then it's all framed in 2x4s and 1/2" plywood. Then we laminated it in a cream counter top laminate. If you look on the long side (right) you'll see a drop leaf. There is one on each long side. When they are up - the top measures 4'x8'. Then there is a drop leaf on the end that is 2'x2.5'.  Initially this was created as a dining room table for the farm house we lived in right after we were married. With all the leaves up, we could comfortably seat 12 people. And talk about counter space for major baking projects!  The front side is solid but the left side is a set of cabinets. A top shelf that runs the full 4' length of the cabinet for large cookie sheets and bigger items, then 3 cubby cabinets for storing mixing bowls and misc. baking supplies.

Now it houses sewing supplies and gives me plenty of space to cut and play.

I've padded and covered this one in an ironing board fabric for quick pressings  jobs. I want to use that right hand side to hang my quilting rulers and mats. My plan is to cover it with a partial sheet of peg board and the shortest hooks I can find.

The other area of the sewing room that I need to work on for now is the table where I put the sewing machine. I have flannel-backed plastic table cloth on the wall behind it for an 'audition' wall.. a place to toss up blocks I'm working to edit placements before sewing them together. The cotton fabric sticks to the flannel without use of pins. The table is full of mixed media stuff, too that needs to be moved to it's actual spot. The tubs underneath are Unfinished Projects on my 2013 To Do list....

This is the room I want to work on today. Then I as I pull items from the Studio, I have this space to sort them in. The whole project really isn't as bad as it looks... it's just getting started LOL.. So that's where I am headed....

Right after lunch!


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  2. Kelly...What a project! You have inspired me to get going on my "to-do" list.

    1. It's getting there. I did get the cutting table cleared off yesterday and Bob hung my peg board. Now what to do with the rest of it. hehe

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    1. LOL You make it sound like it is going to be difficult.