Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As I don't have my space cleared out yet, I didn't participate in Teapot Tuesday this week. But I am looking at what I need to do in 2013 to get out of this creative hole of quicksand I seem to be sinking deeper and deeper in to.

While watching TV with Bob the other night I made a list of what I want to accomplish this year. I am a LIST person. Also, a very visual person. So I figure if it's in front of me, I might actually accomplish something. That's why I've posted my list  on the sidebar of the blog. It will be in front of me on a regular basis.

I've broken my tasks down into categories. Christmas is one of the categories with specific projects with a definitive time-line. Our local bank has a Mitten Tree every year. They collect hats/ mittens/ scarves/ socks the three weeks between Thanksgiving and the Christmas break. A day or two before break, the items are taken to the local grade school. I've purchased several pairs of gloves and a few hats on the seasonal clearance sales. I plan to put them all into hat/ scarf/ glove sets. For some of them all I need to add are scarves. Some of them will also use hats. Doing this also gives me the resource of using up some of my excessive yarn stash. I want the tub out the work room. It's time to finish this project. I haven't counted what I have on hand, but I'm estimating approximately 20 sets I need to finish by November 1st.

I also make my own Christmas cards. I have already set up my new card box complete with updated addresses I'll need to insure I have 100 cards ready to mail by Thanksgiving.

Finally, under the Christmas list are the 10 scarves I want to make for the members of the Polish Sinfonia from Krakow Poland. Traditionally, while they are on tour here (covering 3 south central states), they eat all of their meals in church basements and local restaurants. If all goes according to plan, I will be hosting a traditional Christmas dinner (buffet style) for these amazingly talented young people. One of the things I want to have is a Christmas stocking for each of them filled with gifts. A handmade scarf will fit nicely in the toe of the stocking.

For the rest of my goals, I want to complete two of the mixed media projects I didn't complete last year as well as three basic scrapbooks.

I figure if I can accomplish these goals, 2013 will be a very productive year!

What Creative Goals do you have for 2013?

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