Monday, January 28, 2013


I didn't realize until I began clearing off the cutting table that most of what I had sitting in the middle of it were all the things I took out of my Polymer Clay tote when I was working on that article in December. I had to empty it so I could photograph the amount of space the tote had to offer. Once I put that stuff all away, clearing the rest of the table off was easy.

Bob hung my temporary peg board. and put a screw in the floor brace above so I could hang my cutting mats. The grey one hanging in the front is what I put down when doing paper/ mixed media stuff. My good quilting one hangs behind it.

I say temporary because I think I want it to come down to just below the edge of the cutting table. But this is what we had on hand and allowed me to put stuff away. We can always do a bigger one later.

So here's a reminder of the before...

And here's the after...

It's not perfect but it's better. At least I can get to the cutting table for all of the paper crafting I HAVE to get done by Friday afternoon.

I know there will not be a Teapot Tuesday this week. We are due for storms all day tomorrow so I'll be lucky if I get on. In the mean time, I have plenty of stuff in the basement to keep me busy.


  1. It looks great, Kelly! My cousin worked organizing her basement for us a couple of years ago. She called it our Woman Cave. teehee!
    Take care and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Debbie. The basement still has a long way to go but with other commitments on the table right now, it won't get done this week.

  2. Looking great!! I'm impressed! You have so much energy! LOL I don't see how you get it all done! Hugs!